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Produktbewertungen zu Oskar little

8 Kommentare
  • Incomplete manual and annoying blue LEDs

    Bewertung von Marco Lackovic am 29.03.2021

    The manual included in the box is not comprehensive, for example no mention of the tape which holds the essential oils basket. The blue LEDs are very annoying and I need to disable them every time I turn the device on: the device is able to remember the speed setting when it was last turned off, I don't see why it can't remember the LEDs setting.

    Stadler Form

    Thank you very much for your rating and your comments on our product. We have forwarded your inputs to our engineer, product management & design team. It is important for us to carefully check our customer feedbacks in order to keep improving our products and manuals as well.

  • alle Versprechungen erfüllt

    Bewertung von Anonym am 05.03.2021

    Einfache Befüllung, Bedienung und Reinigung. Leise. Schönes Design.

  • quiet, practical and looks great

    Bewertung von Paul am 31.03.2020

    I'm very happy with the Oscar little. Quiet and practical, above all looks great. One minor nit is that the light that illuminates the water level shines through the white plastic body; this looks a bit poor from that side. Perhaps the other colors are less affected by this, but some aluminum tape could easily resolve this from the inside.

  • Super Produkt

    Bewertung von Roland Hönisch am 29.03.2020

    Das Raumklima ändert sich spürbar zum Guten und das Design fügt sich optimal in jeden Wohnraum ein. Preis-Leistung ist top. Ich würde das Gerät jederzeit weiterempfehlen.

  • Great product

    Bewertung von Slaven Kramaric am 09.01.2020

    Excellent product, simple to use, very effective and quiet. I would recommend this product to anyone who would like to have a stylish and functional humidifier.

  • Little and poweful

    Bewertung von Anonym am 25.10.2018

    Very nice design, good product makes of ecological materials for filters and for purification on the water made. Led light can be turn off, pretty good idea for the night. Easy to use. Thank you

  • Prima Box

    Bewertung von Anonym am 24.02.2016

    Schön leise. Optik top. Rauklima wird spürbar verbessert.

  • Très bon produit

    Bewertung von Anonym am 13.11.2015

    Design exceptionnel, fonctionnalités excellentes, bonnes performances d'humidification, facilité d'utilisation: bravo ;) !