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2 Kommentare
  • Perfect for my lving room

    Bewertung von Anonym am 20.05.2021

    I have a very humid living room and could not get rid of the moisture. Usually, dehumidifiers look not so good and I was excited, when I found Theo. Simple to use and nicely designed. Well done, Stadler Form.

  • Suitable for laundry room

    Bewertung von Olivier Delalande am 06.12.2020

    Responsive aftersales service. Noise level limit acceptable. Strong plastic smell. Hose connection provided for permanent drainage is effective if there is a floor drain close to Theo, otherwise must be installed a dissociated one (not explained in the manual ). Taking into account the noise level, smell and drainage system, Theo is more suitable for laundry room than bedroom.

    Stadler Form

    Thank you for your feedback and the conversations with our customer service team. The initial smell you describe is harmless and should dissolve after a few hours into operation. If the smell has an oily taste and you can see some liquid leaking, the compressor might have been damaged during shipment. Please get in touch with the retailer for repair. The provided hose connection is according to the market standard. However, we will check your input internally and together with our manufacturer to see how it can be improved. We are very sorry to hear that you are not fully satisfied with your Theo and hope you give him a chance to prove himself.