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4 Kommentare
  • Perfectly looking fan

    Bewertung von Anonym am 15.06.2021

    We recently bought the fan since we absolutely liked the design plus the motor used to drive the beautiful fan. Different than the regular boring looking fans and well worth the price. Only downside: The motor is Made in China! We did not understand that, would have paid more to support European or German companies.

  • Perfect

    Bewertung von Martin am 04.08.2020

    What a great design, it actually adds something to the room, where most fans are either ugly, or trying to be invisible (you know which one I mean), this one is incredibly good looking, and it works, I have it on on low and my room is cooling.

  • Form AND Function (and BEAUTY!)!

    Bewertung von Anna am 11.04.2018

    I love Otto. :) This fan is streamlined yet natural looking, and the air flow is wonderful at all levels. I'm in love and I'm very glad that I made this purchase. It's functional art that keeps my apartment cool and it goes so perfectly with my decor!

  • Design + Function

    Bewertung von Sarah NZ am 30.11.2015

    Finally a cooling fan that not only looks great, but functions FANtastically! Love the design - fits beautifully as a stylish assessory. Great function - from quiet low to a powerful blast if needed.