Kampagnen Dreh Sänger mit Emma von Stadler Form
Moritz Kempf , 19.12.2019

How the Emma campaign came about

When we wanted to launch our new product, we went looking for a creative person who could spice up our campaign and deliver the finished package that we were after. We found our ideal partner in Moritz – Junge mit Ideen. He put forward so many ideas and ways to implement them. The result: the three videos on «Emma – more than a humidifier». Read on for an exclusive insight into how our Emma humidifier campaign came about and what the “Junge mit Ideen” considers to be his key ingredient for professional projects. You can see the results of this successful collaboration at the end of this post.

Emma. That was the name of the new product that was presented to me during one of my visits to Stadler Form in Zug. It was the white finish and then when she was assembled and connected up, I thought: I like this appliance!

Not just because Emma provides humidity where it is urgently needed – no, she’s small and compact too. I do a lot of travelling myself and find the dry air in hotel rooms very unpleasant.

Emma is perfect for mobile use, she comes with everything you need except water and she is to be presented to three target groups in particular: culture, family and business. This was to be my mantra for the next few months.

When I first started the assignment to showcase Emma, my research and search for inspiration took me to a thermal spa in Allgäu. I found inspiration for a variety of ideas in the steam rising from the outdoor pools. Water is an extremely versatile, living element and I was fascinated by the visible mist that Emma produces. You can actually see what is released into the air in your room.

A month later, I presented a handful of very varied ideas which made it clear to us all just how versatile Emma is. Perhaps that is why we decided to take alternative use as the campaign approach. The social media agency Digital Friends commissioned and Martin Stadler himself were also sat around the table when the decision was made. The understanding of the culture of cooperation and flat hierarchies are just two of the reasons why I enjoyed working with this company so much.

Campaign Sketch Humidifier Emma

The concept of Emma’s alternative use took a great deal of organising. A film crew, actors and locations had to be found and detailed storyboards had to be written and drawn. It took a further 5 weeks to arrange all this.

I drew on personal contacts in Vorarlberg when carrying out all the planning. These included the Hotel Katharinenhof in Dornbirn where my team and I book rooms for the speakers at the TEDxDornbirn every year. That’s why they allowed us to shoot the business video in one of the hotel rooms there.

[Translate to English:] Business Video Luftbefeuchter Emma Kampagne

We were lucky enough to have one of the singers from the Götzis male-voice choir get in touch regarding the culture ad which was filmed in the recording studio in Feldkirch-Bangs. I stepped in at the last minute to play the part of the sound engineer myself as the actual sound engineer didn’t want to be filmed.

[Translate to English:] Videodreh Sänger für Luftbefeuchter Emma Kampagne

The third video was shot in the lounge at the Hotel Hirschen in Schwarzenberg, Bregenzerwald, a business which is currently run by the tenth generation of owners. Both actresses were extremely professional and brought both authenticity and great humour to their roles.

[Translate to English:] Videodreh Oma für Luftbefeuchter Emma Kampagne

I mustn’t forget to mention the team who took control on the set and did such a great job. I know my own strengths and am fortunate to have a large team of outside professionals who I can involve if necessary. They include Michael from noartfilms who in turn brought along his hair and make-up artist and his colleague to help.

[Translate to English:] Makeup Business Video Emma Kampagne
[Translate to English:] Videodreh für Luftbefeuchter Emma Kampagne

It is thanks to ambitious goals, collaboration between different fields of expertise and the great confidence that Stadler Form showed in our work that we were able to produce these three videos.

Lastly, it is personal belief in the product and everyone involved in the project identifying with the values of the company that are the secret of creative ideas and successful results like these.


Watch the campaign video on the topic family here.


Watch the campaign video on the topic business here.


Watch the campaign video on the topic culture here.


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