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Interview with the designer duo Bernhard | Burkard

During their years of study, the industrial designers Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard recognised their mutual passion for clear and simple shapes as well as for unconventional concepts and smart ideas. In 2010, they founded the BERNHARD I BURKARD design studio. The two Swiss designers have already realised several products with Stadler Form such as the table fans Tim and Peter little or the tower fan Peter. In this interview, they talk about themselves, their inspiration and the definition of good product design.

Watch the interview as video here.

Interview design duo Bernhard|Burkard

Why did you become a product designer?

Thomas Burkard: I really like the creative work, and I like to realise an idea from the very beginning to the final product.

Fabian Bernhard: I started my career as a machine designer. Back then, I started to recognise it (the process) was always very driven by the production and the possibilities of the production. I was missing the focus on the user.

Where do you find your inspiration for new designs?

Fabian Bernhard: You have to face the world with open eyes. That’s probably the key. Inspiration is everywhere. You can walk through the street and you get the idea.

Thomas Burkard: Sometimes it happens by observing the world. By just walking around and sketching, working on a topic and diving into it. And then you suddenly realise what could be a way to design the new product.

What’s the formula of a greatly designed product?

Thomas Burkard: It’s a discussion. It is a process between the clients, the customers, the designer and the engineers. So, everything comes together. Every product is a result of a collaboration.

Fabian Bernhard: Good design is simple, is clean, is probably functional and it’s very intuitive. The user has to look at it and understand it.

Stadler Form products designed by Bernhard | Burkard

Table fan Tim

  • Table fan Tim
Table fan Peter little

  • Table fan Peter little
Tower fan Peter

  • Tower fan Peter
Personal humidifier Emma

  • Personal humidifier Emma
Aroma diffuser Lea

  • Aroma diffuser Lea

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