Table fan Tim by Stadler Form
Christina Oeztas , 12.06.2019

Our interpretation of design

When I was offered a marketing job at the air experts Stadler Form, I wasn’t sure if I should accept it initially. For the simple reason: when it comes to marketing, you need to identify with the product or service and stand behind it 100%. There’s no other way to market a company and its products effectively. But I didn't know anything about humidifiers, air purifiers or fans. When I thought about how a beautifully furnished apartment would be disfigured by a bulky humidifier, it sent a cold shiver down my spine. No-one wants an ugly appliance like that in their home – unless health reasons leave them with no other choice. Personally, I'd rather breathe poorer quality air than downgrade my interior design. But this is where Stadler Form stands out. It doesn’t accept compromise; it promises the consumer functionality, without sacrificing design.

Design is much more than form

When I realised that Stadler Form developed appliances that placed significant emphasis on design, I was thrilled. How can you develop something so modern and aesthetically appealing from an apparently banal or boring everyday object? So elegant, chic and timeless, the products cry out to be presented in the home. I couldn’t resist the products – so I became part of the Stadler Form family. At Stadler Form we consider design to be much more than form. The design shapes the personalities of our appliances to a large extent. Collaboration with Swiss designers is therefore essential. We always have the same objective in the design process: fusing extraordinary shapes with innovative technology and easy handling. That is our interpretation of good design. It's a goal that is a constant challenge in the collaboration between the designers and the development team: the creative ideas from the designers also need to be technically feasible. At Stadler Form, constant interaction is the source of all our creativity. And that’s how it was with our latest product: Tim, the table fan. 

Thomas Burkard and Fabian Bernhard Designer of table fan Tim by Stadler Form

Tim, the timeless companion

With Tim, we developed a fan with designers Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard that can be tweaked with precision and is quiet too. The wind force and the direction can both be adjusted continuously. While conventional table fans often seem to whirl the air randomly, Tim’s fan ring can rotate and tilt for customised positioning. Whether you want a light breeze or a stronger airflow, Tim makes anything possible on a hot summer day. He is an elegant, unpretentious fan. The simple, reduced design makes him the perfect companion for everyday life. But how was the design for Tim developed?

Tablefan Tim by Stadler Form

Design story: from the idea to the finished product

Tim was born from the need to create a precise, individually adjustable table fan. It was crucial that Tim could be used anywhere, with a USB cable or an adapter for home use. The designers Bernhard I Burkard drew inspiration from a combination of different archetypes and well-known style elements, such as the globe and the coin. And the alignment of a shaving or make-up mirror. The designers’ search for a simple solution to focus wind direction was inspired by these archetypes and various stylistic elements. Bernhard I Burkard looked at adjustment functions and ways to recombine them, recognising the elegance of the diagonal axis as the distinctive element. The fan, with its round movement, is suspended on its axis in the semi-meridian mount and presented as a unit. The first drafts were an analysis of how the user and the object could meet in space. Rather than being stuck in a corner and forgotten, we promote and celebrate the aesthetic moments between the users and our products. This is mainly a result of the design. Based on these different stylistic elements, Tim's design is focused on adapting to his surroundings. For Stadler Form, design is much more than just a beautiful exterior. Our design ideas question the ways we usually think and act, to produce better and more functional products. With Tim it is precisely this presentation and simplicity that makes him a timeless work of art wherever he goes: in the office, bedroom and the car – or even on the camp site or the boat, thanks to his battery pack.


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