Samuel Wyss , 24.04.2020

Healthy air at home during the coronavirus pandemic

For more than 20 years, we at Stadler Form have been improving the indoor air of our customers with our innovative humidifiers. Your health is our most important asset. Therefore, we regularly want to inform you here about topics regarding the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the related COVID-19 disease.

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Video air washer vs coronavirus

During the coronavirus pandemic, it is best to stay at home. This is recommended by local governments and helps to reduce the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. But when we spend a lot of time at home – indoor air quality becomes even more important. We at Stadler Form recommend using a humidifier to set the humidity level between 40 and 60% relative humidity as well as an air purifier to keep the air clean. However, not everyone wants or can have both units at the same time. Imagine there is a device that can do both: Humidify and purify the air. Fortunately, this unit has already been invented – it is called an air washer.

Air washer George

Clean the air to improve your air quality

An air washer uses the disk pack in combination with water as a filter medium. You can watch this video on air washer George to see how it exactly works. With this setup, the air washer removes particles – such as pollen, viruses, bacteria and many more – as well as gases (e.g. tobacco smoke or other bad smells) from of the air. The cleaning efficiency is not as high as from a pure air purifier, but tests form independent laboratories still proved impressive cleaning results. Our air washer George filters more than 66% of all particles from the air in 30 minutes. And he also gets rid of virtually all smells within an hour. Air washer Robert efficiently filters up to 50% of all particles from the air. He also gets rid of more than 94% of smells within 30 minutes. The improved air quality allows you to breath freely and can support you to stay healthy.

Humidify the air to get a healthy indoor air

For a healthy living environment, you should set your humidity level between 40 and 60% relative humidity. An air washer helps to achieve this and with the integrated hygrostat it makes sure to maintain this healthy level. The right humidity allows your body to build up a strong immune system and hence improves your body’s own protection against diseases.

Air washer Robert

Regular cleaning is important

To keep the air washer clean and healthy, you need to clean it at least once a week. George – the air washer – for example is very easy to clean. The water tray as well as the disk pack are dishwasher-safe and can therefore be easily washed in the dishwasher. To improve your air sustainably it is very important to keep your air washer well maintained.

More about air washers

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