Table fan Tim by Stadler Form
Tamara Merenda , 01.07.2019

Bring on summer, with the table fan Tim

The surprise guest

Imagine a summer without an aperitif on the balcony or the terrace? Exactly – it wouldn't be summer. As soon as the mercury rises, it's time to send out the invitations, chill the drinks, bring the parasol out of hibernation and head outside. I love to decorate my terrace – a few plants (for as long as they survive under my care), a candle here, some fairy lights there. And then there's the most important accessory for the hot and humid weather outside: my new table fan Tim. That's right. A table fan – and not just one that serves its purpose. Tim also looks super stylish and works so quietly that he won't disturb the cocktail party on the terrace. And if there's no socket or it's too far away: no problem for Tim. Equipped with a USB cable for mobile use, there are no restrictions on Tim this summer. If you are already wondering if you have a extension cable at home: you won’t need it! It’s easy to connect Tim to a battery pack, avoiding any hazards for guests to trip on. Isn’t that great?

Table fan Tim by Stadler Form

A competitor?

Of course, I’ll also use Tim inside my four walls. I’m particularly curious to find out whether Tim will become a fixture on my bedside table too. Can he compete against my tower fan Peter? Can this small table fan keep me cool under the roof at night? I’ll keep you posted. Want to see some more of Tim? Check out the following video.


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