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Relax in aroma diffuser Zoe’s amber light

Zoe is the newest member of the Stadler Form family who – after an extensive development phase – was launched on the market on 22 September 2020. She is an aroma diffuser with unique characteristics. Read here to find out what makes Zoe so special and how aroma diffusers work.

How do aroma diffusers work?

Aroma diffusers distribute essential oils in the form of fine mist which is produced using ultrasonic technology and fills the room with fragrance. Simply fill the container with water, add a few drops of your favourite fragrance – and that’s it! When you switch on the device, a membrane inside will begin to vibrate. Those vibrations will vaporise the water-oil mixture which will be given off as fine mist. Aroma diffusers are used for refreshing the indoor air, for specific aromatherapy or simply for producing a particular fragrance to make you feel better.

Aroma diffuser Zoe by Stadler Form

Zoe, the unique aroma diffuser

What makes Zoe so special is the way she fills the room with fragrant mist. She can create a unique atmosphere and appeal not only to your sense of smell but also to your sense of sight and sense of hearing. The mist is illuminated by the so-called Amber Light™ with its remarkably realistic flame effect. However, it’s quite safe as the mist that is given off and illuminated is cold. Wherever she is used, Zoe’s orange light will create a cosy warm atmosphere and listening to her delicate, soft sounds, you will be convinced that her candlelight is real.

The impressive features of our latest addition include her genuine looking flame effect, her long running time of up to 10 h and the USB cable that gives Zoe her mobility and flexibility. She is easy to use and also easy to clean. If you want to get rid of the illuminated flame effect for a while, you can simply dim the light or switch it off altogether and just enjoy the fragrance that Zoe will emit for you without an additional light source.

Zoe is unique in terms of her appearance and function and she can be set up wherever either an atmospheric light, fragrance or both are required in order to put you in a relaxed mood. She is ideal for aromatherapy, meditation, yoga classes, «me time», relaxing, romantic evenings or simply as a beautiful decorative object.

Whatever you need her for, our newest member of the family is there for you. When filled with your chosen essential oil, Zoe and her wonderful warm light will help you let go and relax. Enjoy some peace and tranquillity with Zoe’s glow and fragrance.

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    • Amber-coloured light creates an atmosphere of pure well-being

    • Fills the room with fine fragrance mist

    • Usable anywhere – thanks to her USB cable

  • [Translate to English:] Ätherische Öle von Stadler Form

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