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  • Foundation Stadler Form Zug Switzerland


    Stadler Form Aktiengesellschaft was founded by Martin Stadler in Zug in September 1998. Martin Stadler wanted to buy an air humidifier but couldn’t find one that fulfilled his aesthetic and technical requirements. Without further ado, he decided to develop such a device himself.

  • Fred the first product of Stadler Form

    Fred – gets up steam

    Martin Stadler launched the air humidifier Fred in autumn 1999 – with great success! The cool design, which to this day still receives great attention and is extraordinary, comes from Matti Walker. Within a short while, Fred was able to delight many customers in Switzerland and Western Europe.

  • Oskar the most successful product of Stadler Form

    Oskar – the economist

    In 2008, Stadler Form developed an air humidifier with low power consumption in a special design. A further success story was launched with the Oskar evaporator: Timeless shape, intuitive handling as well as quiet and energy-saving operation soon turned the cubic air humidifier into a crowd favourite!

  • Humidifier Oskar by Stadler Form wins Kassensturz test

    Oskar – the Kassensturz winner

    Oskar’s success story continues. Back in 2011, Stadler Form celebrated the humidifier’s victory in the Kassensturz test. Having been tested on both his handling and technical and hygiene-related aspects, the whole panel were won over by the evaporator who is very popular among customers.

  • red dot design awards Stadler Form

    3 red dot design awards

    Stadler Form took part in the famous “red dot” design award for the first time in 2013 and took 3 awards! Albert the humidifier, Anna the fan heater and Oskar big the air humidifier were awarded the red dot design award for high quality of design.

  • Heater Paul by Stadler Form

    Fan heater Paul heats quietly and continuously

    Back in 2015, Stadler Form launched a world’s first on the market: Paul, the first fan heater with continuous heating power. With his unique Adaptive Heat™ technology, Paul provides heat extremely quietly and without any annoying on-off fluctuations. In auto mode, he automatically adapts the heat output to maintain the desired degree of heat.

  • Humidifier Eva with external sensor by Stadler Form

    Humidifier Eva with external sensor

    In 2016, Stadler Form presented a new innovative product which was the result of intensive research: humidifier lady Eva with her external sensor. Because humidity is measured in the room rather than around the device, the measurement results are extremely precise, enabling ultrasonic nebuliser Eva to be placed in the perfect position. The Remote Sensor™ is an external sensor and remote control in one.

  • Hygrometer Selina little by Stadler Form

    The smallest member of the Stadler Form family

    Continuous expansion of its range makes the Stadler Form brand increasingly attractive, year on year. 2017 saw the launch of the smallest Stadler Form product to date: Selina little – the mini hygrometer. She always knows whether it is too dry, too humid, hot or cold. When the humidity is at an optimal level, she gives you a smile.

  • Fan Otto by Stadler Form

    Fan Otto is given a redesign

    Thanks to his continued success, fan Otto was given a facelift in 2018, just in time for his 13th birthday. The result: a seamless bamboo frame and a perfectly formed rotary control on the back. Otto provides the ideal combination of characteristic design and carefully chosen materials: the adjustable industrial fan gives him his timeless feel and industrial style while his bamboo frame comes from environmentally sustainable sources.

  • Distributors Stadler Form International Meeting 2019

    Global presence

    From the USA to Poland and from the Lebanon to Indonesia: Stadler Form products for improving air quality can be found all over the world. Since 2018 – just in time for the company’s 20th anniversary – Stadler Form has been able to boast about its international collaboration with more than 50 countries.

  • Personal humidifier Emma by Stadler Form

    Innovation first

    In 2019, the Stadler Form team achieved true innovation with humidifier lady Emma: all Emma’s individual parts can be stowed away in her water bottle. This exceptional packaging was created by designer duo Bernhard|Burkard and registered for a patent in Switzerland, Germany and China. At the Iconic Awards 2020: Innovative Interior, Emma was recognised on account of her remarkable product design.

  • German Design Award winners Peter Tim and Roger by Stadler Form

    3 German Design Awards

    No fewer than 3 Stadler Form products were winners of a German Design Award in 2020. Tower fan Peter and table fan Tim by designer duo Bernhard|Burkard came out winners in the «Excellent Product Design – Household» category. Air purifier Roger – designed by Matti Walker – was given a «special mention» in the same category.


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We develop elegant and useful household appliances. We work with passion on innovations for the household. We focus on improving the air and the room climate. We equip living spaces with cool and lovable appliances. Our appliances count among the best when it comes to shape, function and handling, and are useful roommates for our customers.

Insights from Martin Stadler

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