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Neutralise odours

Bad odours in the home: effective methods for eliminating odours

A cosy home is not only visually appealing, but also characterised by fragrant scents. However, sometimes unpleasant odours creep into our four walls and persistently spread. Here you can find out what the causes are and what effective methods there are for eliminating odours – from tried-and-tested household remedies to modern technologies.

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Read on to find out: 

  1. Sources of bad odours
  2. Home remedies for effective elimination
  3. Air purifier with activated carbon filter as a solution 

Sources of bad odours: How do they arise and why do they persist?

Bad odours in the home can arise in many different ways and are often the result of everyday activities. Cooking odours, for example, are typical culprits when food aromas are released into the air and get caught in curtains or upholstered furniture. Pets can also leave behind odours, whether through fur, saliva or other excretions. The pungent odour of tobacco smoke can also become embedded in textiles and wallpaper. Other common causes of odours are waste, refrigerators, fireplaces, mouldy and damp surfaces, building materials or older houses and flats. 

The development of unpleasant odours is linked to the release of molecules. These can accumulate in the porous structures of materials such as carpets, curtains or upholstered furniture. Here they not only lie on the surface, but actually penetrate the structure, making them difficult to remove. Traditional cleaning methods can often only remove the superficial deposits, while the deeper layers continue to pollute the air with unpleasant odours.

Home remedies for effective odour elimination: Natural ways to fresh air

  1. Vinegar: It is not only a cooking base, but also an effective household remedy for eliminating odours. Vinegar has the ability to neutralise unpleasant odours. To use it as an odour killer, pour vinegar and water (1:2 ratio) into small bowls and place them in different rooms to absorb odours effectively. The natural antibacterial properties of vinegar not only help to eliminate odours, but also have a disinfectant effect. 
  2. Baking soda or baking powder: Other versatile household remedies that are excellent for eliminating odours are baking soda or baking powder. Their fine particles have the ability to absorb and neutralise odours. Sprinkle the baking soda or baking powder on carpets, upholstered furniture or even mattresses and leave it to work for a few hours before vacuuming thoroughly. Baking soda or baking powder is also suitable for cleaning drains, a common source of bad odours in the kitchen or bathroom. 
  3. Fruit peels: Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons are excellent odour neutralisers. A tried and tested tip is to put cloves in half oranges or lemons and spread them around rooms with bad odours. The peel of the fruit can also be dried in the rooms to remove unwanted odours. The essential oils in the peels help to freshen the air and at the same time mask unpleasant odours. 
  4. Coffee: Not only ground coffee, but also whole coffee beans can serve as an effective household remedy for eliminating odours. The intense aroma of freshly ground coffee has the ability to mask unpleasant odours and at the same time create a pleasant-smelling atmosphere. In addition to ground coffee, you can place trays of coffee beans in rooms where unwanted odours have settled. The beans not only absorb odours, but also spread a wonderful coffee scent.

These household remedies are inexpensive and can effectively help to eliminate unwanted odours. For a pleasant-smelling and healthy indoor climate, you should also air the rooms regularly. In addition to these household remedies, you can use an aroma diffuser with essential oils for a fragrant home or an air purifier for continuous odour neutralisation.

Air purifier with activated carbon filter: modern solution for fresh indoor air

Modern technology offers an innovative solution for odour elimination: Air purifiers with activated carbon filters. These air purifiers go beyond conventional air filtration by not only filtering particles from the air, but also adsorbing odours using activated carbon. 

Air purifiers with activated carbon filters offer a holistic solution for improving indoor air quality. In addition to eliminating odours, they also filter particles such as dust, pollen and allergens from the air. The use of air purifiers with activated carbon filters is particularly effective in rooms where conventional methods have reached their limits. Attention should also be paid to the performance of the activated carbon filter. The more activated carbon in the filter, the better it performs. The advanced technology and the power of activated carbon make these devices a modern solution for fresh indoor air and an all-round pleasant living environment. Using an air purifier with activated carbon not only eliminates unpleasant odours, but also improves the general air quality in the long term.

Would you like to find out more about neutralising odours? On our information page you will find useful tips and tricks on how to neutralise odours and how an air purifier can help you do this.

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