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Sophie, the lantern with fragrance, inspires through her appearance and versatility

Sophie and Sophie little are the latest creations from Stadler Form. We Stadler Form employees have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the two aroma diffuser ladies and lanterns for use indoors and outdoors. What pleases us all the more is that the lanterns with fragrance have gone down so well not only in-house but also externally. Influencer and mother-of-three Isabelle Kade (miniundstil) tried out Sophie and Sophie little and was as delighted as us. Read on to find out what Isabelle particularly likes about our Sophie and Sophie little.

Four things I like about Sophie

A guest post by Isabelle Kade – We already share our home with KarlGeorgeLeo and Simon who all provide their valuable services. And even Albert has found an ideal spot where he is relied on to dehumidify the air in the basement of our new-build. However, I was particularly pleased with the latest creation from Stadler Form – Sophie: a lantern with fragrance! Because now that the sun is filling our garden with its warming rays, it really makes me want to spend the day – as well as the evening – outside.

As a lover of design, with Sophie it was love at first sight. And I immediately found a neat spot for the big and small lanterns on our garden lounge table where they are a treat for our noses and eyes with their fragrance and gentle flames on warm summer evenings. What do I like about Sophie? I’ll tell you.

Firstly: Sophie is easy to use

Sophie is an aroma diffuser. But she is also a lantern. You simply fill her with water, press the on button once and off she goes. The flame looks pretty realistic but it’s actually an extra-fine mist produced by means of ultrasonic technology while the dimmable LED light gives the flame its amber colour. As the mother of small children, I find it super-practical because there’s no danger of them burning their hands.

You can place the lantern in your favourite spot without having to rely on electricity as Sophie runs on batteries and has a USB-C connection for charging. When fully charged, Sophie little can run for up to 7 hours and Sophie for up to no less than 11 hours. With these lanterns, there is nothing to stop you enjoying long summer nights outside.

Secondly: Sophie is very pretty

Besides functionality, it is always important to my inner monk for a product to look stylish and fit in with our style of decor. And Sophie definitely does. Her curves, bamboo handle and quietly billowing flame make her an elegant eye-catcher. On a table, on the floor, indoors or outdoors. I think Sophie looks really chic!

Thirdly: Sophie smells good

But that’s not all. For Sophie isn’t just a lantern, she’s a lantern with fragrance. All you have to do to fill the air with fragrance is add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil to the water. For example, Relax oil from Stadler Form regularly turns our bathroom into a spa. I just love this oil and I always feel as if I’m wrapped up in a cosy relaxing cocoon. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

Incidentally, mosquitos and the like make a U-turn if they get too close to Sophie. They won’t come anywhere near the lantern if you add citronella, eucalyptus or lavender oil to the water. Another plus for long undisturbed summer nights!

Fourthly: Sophie is an all-rounder

In summer, the lantern enhances our outdoor lounge and creates an atmospheric ambience until late into the night. Just imagine the chirping of crickets, warm evening air, tousled hair after a day by the pool and Sophie radiating her warm light.

In winter, our reliable companion is indoors with us. When it gets dark at 5 o’clock, she makes our lounge feel cosy. And just imagine what it smells like when you add a couple of drops of cinnamon oil to the aroma diffuser. It feels like Christmas is here already. Wonderful!

But now we’ve got the summer and look forward to the warm days ahead of us and long warm summer nights outside with Sophie and Sophie little!


We sincerely thank Isabelle for this refreshing, enjoyable and varied experience report on Sophie and Sophie little and are delighted that the two ladies went down so well.

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