Guest author , 27 December 2020

Humidify the air

George ensures pleasant air in your rooms

Do you sometimes feel unwell in winter because your eyes or throat feel really dry? And do you like fondue and raclette as much as you dislike the odours afterwards? Rainer Lubasch was in the same position as you. The teacher, who loves innovative products, tested George and talked to us about how the air washer alters the humidity and helps to reduce unwelcome odours after cooking.

Winter months – heating is on – dry air

I don’t like being cold. Particularly when I’m working at home on my computer, the temperature in that bit of the house needs to be “comfortable”. When it’s colder outside, that means the heating has to go on. The flipside of this is that the air in the heated rooms can often be too dry, irritating the mucous membranes in our eyes, nose and throat. Skin can become chapped and we may develop itchy eczema as a result.

The drier the air, the more dust particles swirl through the room’s air as there is less water vapour for them to bind to. We know too much of a good thing is rarely a great idea; high levels of humidity lead to mould growth, with all its negative consequences. It’s therefore essential to keep humidity within an optimum range.

Obviously, regular ventilation is also important when the heating is on. This is where George comes in. My new «roommate» ensures that the humidity within my four walls is kept in the healthy zone of 40–60%. I can then breathe easily and am not distracted by feeling unwell. Whether you need to focus on work and be productive, relax with a good book or simply get on with housework that can’t be avoided, George is the quiet helper in the background creating the right atmosphere.

Healthier living with the perfect air humidity

Dry air does not directly cause illness, but the negative effects of dry air on our health is undisputed. Low levels of humidity dry out the mucous membranes and impact the immune system. The body becomes a target for viruses and bacteria. Allergies are triggered and we experience lapses in concentration and headaches.

Air with optimum humidity reduces virus activity and strengthens our body’s efficiency and immune defences. In the past, the focus was on preventing colds and flu infections but lately, healthy room air has acquired a whole different dimension due to the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the COVID-19 respiratory illness.  Anything that helps to overcome the pandemic is welcome. This is even more important now that we’re at home more often, with working from home lending a new perspective to the whole issue. George helps me feel good in this respect, too.

Fondue and raclette should (just) be tasted

I admit, I really value having a good-sized home. For me, that means a generously-sized living and dining area with an integrated office space and an open-plan kitchen. Which brings me to my next point. Open-plan kitchens may be elegant and stylish, but their disadvantages in terms of lingering cooking smells do tend to hit you in the face, or to be more precise, the nose.

As an enthusiastic consumer of fondue and raclette, these culinary delicacies often feature in my meal plans. The aroma of melted cheese is part and parcel of a cosy fondue and chat party but the following morning, the “aroma” has often turned into an unwanted “odour” that really doesn’t go well with working from home.

This is where my wonderful George comes in again. George is not only a humidifier, but also an air purifier. His amazing hybrid qualities make George multi-functional and allow him to be classified as an air washer.

Air washer George doesn’t just filter particles, pollen, viruses, bacteria and gases from the air; he also effectively reduces odours and ensures that fondue and raclette are enjoyed by the taste buds while sparing the other senses.

Inconspicuous and yet attractive

At this point, it’s worth mentioning this air washer’s appearance and presence. George definitely doesn’t draw attention to himself, providing his service quietly and dutifully. His compact dimensions and attractive yet subtle design allow him to blend into the environment. George doesn’t complain about being moved to new locations, either; he’s lightweight and can change places in a flash.

George can stay

In a nutshell – George is now an essential part of my household. He can stay.

Many thanks to Rainer Lubasch for this refreshingly authentic report on George!

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