Nicole Iten , 26 February 2021

Children's room

Why a humidifier is important in the nursery

In winter, the dry air affects us all in one way or another. Mother-of-two Nicole talks about how moving the Oskar family into her home has improved her family’s physical well-being, how her children take care of the humidifiers in the children's rooms and why the family couldn’t do without the humidifiers.

When it’s cold outside and you turn the central heating up to the max, it can have a negative effect on humidity and the climate inside your home. The drop in humidity also has an effect on our well-being at home. A dry throat when you wake up in the morning, static in your hair which is virtually impossible to control and colds are just a few of the things caused by the air indoors being too dry. With our daughter Leonie*, we also find that when the humidity is low, the inside of her nose gets so dry that she keeps getting nosebleeds. And our son Nathan* gets very dry skin when the temperature drops. When winter comes, the Oskar family comes and stays with us and is the solution to all our problems with dry air. Every year, from October time until the end of March, our practical, low-maintenance humidifiers from Stadler Form create a personal feel-good climate within our home by creating the ideal level of humidity.

*Name changed

Oskar big has got his spot in the living room while Oskar lives in Mum and Dad’s bedroom. The twins can be found in the children’s rooms: Oskar little in green is in our son’s room and Oskar little in white is in Leonie’s room. Nathan and Leonie help look after them and make sure that their two seasonal friends always have enough water and are also cleaned thoroughly. The children even include the two little evaporators in their games. I’ve been woken up before in the middle of the night by the words «Mummy, my Oski’s thirsty!» which basically means that Oskar little has run out of water. I can easily tell that’s what’s happened just by the fact that an LED on the little economist lights up red. Of course, you can’t leave it until morning to fill up with water, it has to be done straight away. So I’ve only got myself to blame if I forget to fill a device up with water before going to bed.

At first, my husband wasn’t really convinced about the benefits of a humidifier. But since we have been sharing our home with the Oskar family throughout the winter and he has noticed the difference – especially in the mornings – he couldn’t do without our humidifiers either.

The simple, elegant design of the Oskar humidifier family means that they also make perfect accessories for our home. Then when anyone comes to visit, we explain what our seasonal house guests are about. After coming round to our house, quite a few of our visitors have moved one or more members of the Oskar humidifier family into their home too and have been enjoying a pleasant and healthy climate.

Until we bid a fond farewell to our four housemates once again around April time, we can keep enjoying the beautiful winter months, hopefully with lots more snow and a great feel-good atmosphere indoors at home.

We warmly want to thank Nicole for her lovely experience report of our Oskar humidifier family!

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