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Smart air purifier: new textile design & WiFi

Good things come in threes which is why, from now on, not only Roger and Roger little, but also Roger big – the air purifier for extra-large spaces – will ensure fresh, healthy air. The members of the Roger family have had a redesign, with the front grille being replaced by a washable, high-quality textile pre-filter. The changes are not only external, but internal too. Stadler Form’s new air purifiers feature app-based function control, antimicrobial material protection and efficiency.

We are currently spending a lot of time at home, on one hand because of the cold weather and on the other because, since the coronavirus pandemic, those who can are working from home. According to WHO, interior air is 2–5 times more polluted than exterior air. Air purifiers are therefore very important because they filter out particles such as dust, pollen, viruses and allergens from the air, just as they do bad smells and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). If particles and gases are removed from the air, it keeps us healthier and noticeably improves our wellbeing – we feel refreshed and energised. 

Coughs, headaches, irritated eyes, or a runny nose can often be ascribed to poor quality, unhealthy air indoors. These physical symptoms affect performance and reduce quality of life unnecessarily. Use of an air purifier can improve the prevailing poor air quality at the touch of a button.

Air purifier Roger family

The trio of Roger air purifiers consists of Roger little, Roger and Roger big, offering the perfect choice for any size of room. Roger little, the smallest, is suitable for small spaces up to 33 m2, and Roger big for big rooms up to 104 m2. Roger is the right device for medium-sized rooms. These mobile air purifiers also have different features – from transportation wheels, via the number of Dual FiltersTM or pre-filters, to app-based function control – there is an air purifier with the right features to meet every need.

Air purifier Roger removes unpleasant smells and contamination from the air in rooms up to 66 m2 – from the bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Thanks to his two sensors, he immediately identifies the type of air pollution wherever he is placed and filters it out. When in Auto mode, if the air quality starts to deteriorate, Roger automatically starts to filter the new pollution out of the air. What makes this air purifier so special is the filter system, with his textile pre-filter and Dual Filter™. The latter consists of a HEPA H12 and an activated carbon filter. This filters fine dust and pollen out of the air, as well as bacteria and viruses. The washable pre-filter, with integrated antimicrobial Sanitized®* hygiene function, provides additional material protection. Roger’s air quality indicator shows the current air quality and changes colour if air quality worsens. The little LED light shines unobtrusively and discreetly in blue if the air is clean and correspondingly healthy. Mobile air purifier Roger quietly and efficiently removes smells and contamination from the air.

*Sanitized® is the world-leading Swiss company for hygiene function and material protection for textiles and plastics.

Air purifiers for large and small rooms

Roger little is the right choice for combating odours in kitchens, or for a relaxing sleep thanks to clean air. The little, mobile air purifier lends a hand in rooms up to 33 m2. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a powerful air purifier for a big office, a meeting room, or another large space measuring up to 104 m2Roger big is the right device. Roger air purifiers from Stadler Form fit into any room, large or small, due to the subtle, perfectly shaped design and barely audible, yet extremely powerful operation.

Stadler Form founder and CEO Martin Stadler answers key questions about the new Roger family

What is the difference between the new family of Roger air purifiers and the pre-2021 version?
The new Roger family has a striking, modern, attractive textile front, which gives the family a completely different, new appearance which we prefer to the old one. We have also updated Roger air purifiers in technical terms too. Roger and Roger big have a new app control, so you can accurately monitor room air and device control from anywhere. The textile front acts as a pre-filter and also protects the HEPA H12-actived carbon filter on the inside. The Swiss company SANITIZED AG provides the antimicrobial treatment for the textile front. This treatment protects the pre-filter against growth of viruses and bacteria. An external laboratory in England has already confirmed the Roger family’s considerable effectiveness against influenza A viruses.

Why has the Roger family been redesigned?
The first design was very cool, but no longer matched the latest trends in home furnishings. We have been using textile as a material for our devices for quite some time. It’s been the perfect fit for the Roger air purifier family, resulting in three even more attractive devices.

What about it was important to you?
We absolutely wanted to retain, or even improve the device’s already good performance, and combine this with a design that would appeal to customers and be very contemporary. I think we have really succeeded.

Why have Roger & Roger little acquired a big brother, Roger big?
There has always been demand for bigger devices for rooms exceeding 100 m2. We have now developed a construction which allows a relatively compact device size, combined with high performance and low noise.

What makes Stadler Form's Roger air purifier stand out?
The great, contemporary design, the very good performance values and the fact it’s simple and intuitive to use (especially using the new app feature for Roger and Roger big).

The new Roger air purifiers' most important functions, in brief

New brother: Roger big air purifier for big rooms and large offices
Air purifier Roger and his little brother Roger little have been joined by a big brother: Roger big. The air purifier for large spaces is in no way inferior to his brothers. Equipped with two Dual FiltersTM and two washable pre-filters with antimicrobial material protection, he removes gases and particles from the air just as efficiently as his little brothers. In addition to other features, such as his timer, or night mode, Roger big also wins over customers with his WiFi equipment, which means Roger big can be monitored and controlled from anywhere. The new Stadler Form air purifier is also equipped with transportation wheels for easy positioning anywhere it is needed.

Washable pre-filter with Sanitized® hygiene function
Air purifiers Roger and Roger little both have one pre-filter, Roger big has two. These have integrated, antimicrobial Sanitized® material protection, which is retained in full for at least 20 washes. The pre-filter should be washed at 30° C in a washing machine (gentle cycle). Allergy sufferers, in particular, will be able to breathe more deeply.

Control the air purifier's function via app
Both Roger and Roger big are equipped with Wi-Fi. All the intelligent, mobile air purifier’s functions can therefore easily be controlled using a smartphone app on your mobile phone. Air quality can be monitored in real time and action taken, if necessary. For healthy air in your home, wherever you are.

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