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Keep annoying mosquitoes away with Sophie and Sophie little

A balmy evening on the balcony or a barbecue in the garden: it could be so lovely if it weren’t for those nasty pests disturbing the idyll. But with a few household remedies, you can keep unwanted insects like mosquitoes away. Read on to find out what they are and how our summer favourites Sophie and Sophie little can also help you.

Naturally keep mosquitoes away

Although mosquitoes make life difficult for us humans, they fulfil an important function for the ecosystem as a source of food for other animals. So using chemical products to get rid of annoying insects is not an option. Whether indoors or on the terrace or balcony: fortunately, there are numerous household remedies that you can use to keep annoying visitors like mosquitoes away.

Tried and tested household remedies for getting rid of mosquitos and other insects

  • Fit a fly screen: Fly screens over windows are the most effective means of stopping potential pests from coming into your home in the first place and putting up mosquito nets above your bed is another effective solution.
  • Remove areas where water can accumulate: Water, in water butts for example, is an invitation to mosquitoes. They can lay their eggs there and quickly multiply. To stop the bloodsuckers finding suitable breeding grounds near to your home, either don’t leave containers filled with water standing around or cover them.
  • Wear loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing: mosquitoes like dark, tight-fitting clothing. Tight-fitting items of clothing make it easier for mosquitoes to penetrate them and bite you so wearing light, loose-fitting clothing is recommended.
  • Shower regularly: In their search for blood, female mosquitoes are attracted by perfume and other fragrances but mainly by the smell of sweat. Showering regularly helps keep the pests at bay. Tip: Avoid heavily perfumed shower gels and deodorants and sweet-smelling perfume.
  • Switch a fan on: A fan will not only help you survive a heatwave, it will keep mosquitoes away too. The bloodsuckers don’t like the circulating air at all.
  • Plant a herb garden: Mosquitoes and wasps do not like the smell of plants such as basil, tomato, lavender, catnip, thyme, sage, lemon balm and scented geranium. So if you plant these on your balcony or terrace, they will provide natural protection.
  • Use essential oils: As concentrated extracts from plants, essential oils are among the tried and tested household remedies that are particularly effective at keeping mosquitoes and other insects away. Selected essential oils have a demonstrably adverse effect on the pests we want to protect ourselves against.

Essential oils for keeping mosquitos and other insects away – how they work

Essential oils have a wide range of applications: they can fragrance, help you relax, improve your concentration or help you get a good night’s sleep and some can even keep annoying mosquitoes at bay. What smells pleasant to us humans is found repellent by many insects – no wonder since the essential oil from a plant often also plays a part in the way the plant repels insects itself. There are a lot of essential oils that are traditionally used as repellents, i.e. to keep insects away. The following oils have proved to be especially effective household remedies for keeping mosquitoes and other insects away: citronella, eucalyptus, lemon grass, rose geranium and palmarosa. Their active ingredients – citral, citronellal, citronella oil and/or geranium oil – efficiently repel mosquitoes and other unwelcome insects. The effectiveness of citronella was proven in a scientific study carried out in 2011, for example. Some essential oils, especially those from certain types of wood such as cedarwood oil, patchouli or sandalwood, imitate insects’ own scents and repellents, thus causing confusion in the case of mosquitoes in particular. Other repellent essential oils, i.e. which keep insects away, include thyme and tea tree, for example.

Fragrant essential oil for keeping insects away can be used both indoors and outdoors, on a balcony or terrace or in the garden. When it comes to insect repellents, many people’s first thought would be sprays that you apply to the skin. However since essential oils can highly irritate the skin, caution is advised before use – especially for pregnant women and small children. In addition, essential oils can be used to keep mosquitoes and other insects away and also as a room spray, in a fragrance lamp or in an aroma diffuser. For the oils to work optimally and thus keep mosquitoes at bay, they must be dispersed efficiently. The best way to do that is with an aroma diffuser. All it takes to create an insect-free space is a few drops of the right fragrant oil.

Keep insects away with Sophie and Sophie little

Mosquitoes are most active at dusk – precisely the time when you want to enjoy a cosy evening in your balcony oasis or on the terrace at the end of the day. That’s when our aroma diffusers in lantern form – Sophie and Sophie little – come into their own as they fragrance and illuminate at the same time. With their deceptively realistic dancing flame, Sophie and Sophie little will create an atmospheric ambience in no time at all and when used together with the right essential oil, they will keep mosquitoes away from your balcony efficiently. The perfectly formed aroma diffusers are battery-operated as well as splash-proof, making them ideal for outdoor use. Is there a storm brewing? That’s no problem with our two ladies. They are easy to move around which means that you can continue your barbecue or romantic evening for two somewhere sheltered. Thanks to their 2-in-1 capabilities, the mobile aroma diffuser lanterns make the perfect companions for cosy, uninterrupted summer moments – whether outside in the garden, on the balcony or indoors in the lounge.

A powerful duo: Sophie and Sophie little and Repel fragrant oil

Repel is a 100% naturally pure blend of essential oils that we developed specially for aroma diffusers. Its main ingredients are the essential oils citronella and eucalyptus which combine with cedarwood oil, laurel oil and thyme oil to create a highly intense, fresh and summery room fragrance and a pleasant atmosphere. Like all fragrant oils from Stadler Form, Repel is manufactured from high-quality plant essences and contains no synthetic substances, pesticides or parabens. So with Sophie and Sophie little, you are ideally equipped for the coming summer season – without any annoying pests.

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