Guest author , 26 January 2021

Humidify the air

How George supports a cross-country skier

The airways are just as important for sportsmen as a strong body. If you can't take a deep breath, you will eventually run out of breath. That's why young cross-country skier Cédric Steiner is testing the George air washer.

Who am I?

Let me start by briefly introducing myself. I am a professional cross-country skier and I live in Davos. I was lucky enough to be brought up here by my parents. Growing up right in the middle of a winter sports resort has lots of advantages: where else would you be able to learn about so many different types of sport? Unfortunately, there is also a downside to cold winter days, especially when it comes to the climate indoors. In a centrally heated room, the air is usually very dry. As I already put a lot of strain on my airways during training and competitions, a good indoor climate is not just pleasant but also helps with my recovery.

The 2 in 1 air purifier and humidifier George is set up in my small room which I also use as a study for my correspondence course and sometimes online exams too. What I like most about him is how quiet he is: you hardly know he’s there! I was surprised at how quickly I noticed a difference in the air and George is now my new companion and probably the best roommate in the world.

How has George improved the air I breathe at home?

Air washer George had to work really hard right from the off. The air really was dry. I’ve set him to 55% humidity and automatic mode. With his Adaptive humidityTM technology, George makes the necessary adjustments himself in order to achieve the humidity I want, while being both quiet and energy-efficient at the same time. I am extremely grateful that George is able to operate on his own so well – it means that I can leave him on all day long.

Since getting him, my room has become really pleasant. I have always felt comfortable in my little domain but since George has been helping me, it has become an even better place to live. I quickly noticed that he not only humidifies but also cleans the indoor air as it feels a lot fresher. When I get home, it often feels as if someone has just aired it for me. But I can assure you that it’s all thanks to George! It doesn’t feel as stuffy in my room in the mornings and there isn’t the smell of my sports gear hanging around in the air any more.

What effect does George have on my allergies?

Well, it is winter after all. I’d love to tell you more about it but the next pollen season is definitely coming, even in Davos. Somehow I’m even looking forward to next summer, because with George I feel super prepared.

How does the air washer help me as a sportsman?

Dry air, especially in winter, is my greatest enemy. Your airways are constantly irritated and extremely susceptible to infections. A bit of a cold is enough to set my training back by as much as a couple of weeks. A good, constantly high level of humidity is the ideal way to combat that susceptibility. George has an integrated hygrostat so he always knows when he needs to humidify the air and when he can take a break. As a result, the humidity is always constant. But humid air alone won’t stop you from getting ill: the air also needs to be clean. Who can do that better than George?

Humid air also helps with my recovery. Taking on sufficient fluid is essential for recovery but it’s no good me drinking a lot if the indoor air dries out my lungs by drying out the air that I breathe.

Do I leave George on when I go away?

Always! During the season, I’m often away 3-4 days a week. When I’m away, I set the hygrostat to 45% humidity so that my room air is already well-humidified and George is not faced with a Herculean task. With a target humidity of 45%, the water tank holds enough to last me 4 days and even has a reserve. That’s definitely because George only does his thing when he has to.

How do I clean George?

It couldn’t be easier. The water base, along with the disc pack, which cleans the air, can simply be put in the dishwasher. After being washed, George is clean again and also ready to use as well. You can also simply wipe the air filter with a damp cloth and clean the air inlet by vacuuming it. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any tips on removing limescale as the water in Davos is so soft that we hardly get any deposits.

What do I like best about George?

George has surprised me in many ways. Once he’s been put in place and filled with water, he does his thing better than anyone. He’s extremely user-friendly and very easy to set up. As I’ve got him in my bedroom, it’s great that I can dim the control lamps or even switch them off altogether if I want to. George is also very quiet, in fact I would say that he’s almost silent. He doesn’t disturb my sleep at all. Thanks to his Adaptive humidityTM technology, there is always a constant level of humidity in my room. I must say that I have been sleeping even more soundly since George starting doing his thing. But the best thing of all is how my room smells: just fresh and that’s without using any fragrant oil. When I’ve got a blocked nose, I think I’ll add an essential oil to George which will allow me to breathe again and get a good night’s sleep. I also like how easy George is to clean. Another feature I think is great is that even if the humidity is always above the target level, George will still switch himself on every 30 minutes for a short time so that he can purify the air.

Many thanks to Cédric Steiner for this personal and authentic report on George!

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