Guest author , 26 August 2021

Healthy air for allergy sufferers

What helps an athlete with a pollen allergy?

In January, up-and-coming cross-country skier Cédric Steiner reported on his experiences with George. In this article you can read whether the air washer also helps against his allergies and how the addition of essential oils has influenced his well-being.

Air washer George – works wonders if you suffer from allergies

It’s the start of the pollen season in Davos too and I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about that again. I spoke about my experiences with George back in January. I wasn’t ill at all during the season and never had a cold that was bad enough to interrupt my training schedule. I am convinced that to a great extent, I have George to thank for keeping me so healthy. But now we are slowly seeing the arrival of summer in Davos too and temperatures are starting to rise. As a winter athlete and an allergy sufferer, it’s the season that I would prefer to skip.

Ventilation in summer?

Yes, after all there’s nothing better than fresh air. However, I’ve never been a fan of ventilation. Especially not in the evening as that would almost always mean the start of a restless night for me. I wouldn’t get a good night’s sleep so the next day, I would be really irritable. Rainy days were always a relief for me. But now, I don’t have to wait for things to improve. Thanks to air washer George, I can air my bedroom just before I go to bed without having to think about it. I get a good night’s sleep and I don’t have to worry about my eyes being itchy or burning. I can honestly say that both my sleep and my performance have improved during the pollen season.

Enchanting fragrances

I don’t normally go in for fragrances. They're almost all so overpowering that they make me feel ill. Not Stadler Form’s pure essential oils. If I had a blocked nose in the winter despite being careful, then Relief essential oil helped. Even during the pollen season, it unblocks my nose in no time. When I eventually got home after an intensive weekend of competing, I could really switch off and kick back with the Relax fragrant oil. And Refresh guarantees a positive "mindset". I feel lighter and it energises me at the same time.

In short...

… with George in the room, I can finally sleep through the night during the summer and wake up feeling refreshed. I also use the fragrant oils from time to time. They are discreet and, depending on the oil, either put me in a positive mood or let me breathe freely again – if I have a blocked nose in the winter or when there is pollen flying around.

The best thing of all

For me, the best thing about air washer George is that he makes sure that the climate is pleasant indoors, whatever the temperature. Because a good level of humidity and clean air are essential for me and my performance as a top athlete.

Many thanks to Cédric Steiner for this report on George and the essential oils!

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