Tamara Merenda , 14 November 2019

Humidify the air

How to breathe healthy air on travels

What about taking a humidifier with me when I go away on business or on holiday? Naturally, that question immediately leads me to ask myself: Is that possible? Do I need to? The answer to these questions is quite simple – YES, it is and YES, you do!

Dry air on planes

Let’s start our trip in the usual way: suitcase packed and it’s off to the airport where you check in, go through security and finally, board your plane. Everyone jostles their way to their seats and you look for a free overhead bin to put your suitcase in – a nerve-wracking experience these days. First of all, you put your sweater to one side and then when the engines start, at the latest, when the air conditioning kicks in, you have to put it on again because it feels cold. The plane takes off and after you have settled in, you immediately notice a draught on your face and your lips feel chapped. The air is noticeably dry. You stand up to look for your lip balm and moisture cream in your hand luggage. While you are rummaging in your bag, you notice that you can’t see quite as clearly which is due to the low air humidity. Your eyes start itching and you start having to blink more often. You also look for your eye drops, then you take out your contact lenses and put your glasses on instead in order to help cope with the low humidity. Good quality, healthy air on planes? Wrong. And when the person sitting next to you starts coughing, «health» really is out of the window.

Dry air in hotel rooms

When you arrive at your destination, the next «challenge» will already be waiting for you and your body – the dry and usually somewhat stuffy air in your hotel room. Personally, when I wake up after my very first night away I notice that my nose is blocked or my eyes are sore. Add to that the fact that I don’t often feel as refreshed as I do when I wake up at home in my own bed within my own four walls. There’s no doubt about it – nothing and no-one can replace your own bed.

Breathe better and sleep better

I used to shake my head and insist that I did NOT need a humidifier when I was away from home. After all, I am never away for long and as soon as I get home I am back in my familiar environment. But I definitely revise what I said before: Emma is a terrific travel companion and taking her with me has been one of the best decisions that I have made lately. Only with Emma I realised that I can get a healthy good night’s sleep in a hotel room too.

Consequently, Emma soon became my new constant travel companion. Emma’s housing is extremely practical as it can be stored in her water bottle. So I can kill two birds with one stone: Emma doesn’t take up much space in my suitcase and I don’t need an additional water bottle for her. I can also plug her in and use her anywhere – thanks to the USB cable. I simply plug Emma into my battery pack and she always performs reliably, wherever I may be.

Watch the following video to find out more about humidifier lady Emma.

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