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Stay fresh in summer thanks to air circulation

Stagnant, stale air along with the heat on hot summer days is guaranteed to create a poor indoor climate very quickly – and also to put you in a bad mood at some point. Whether at home or at the office, hardly anyone feels comfortable – let alone productive – in stuffy, heated rooms.  So make sure that you have got good air circulation indoors, especially in summer.

Why is air circulation so important in enclosed spaces?

Air can certainly become «old». Our breath or electrical appliances increase the CO2 concentration indoors and the air gets «dirtier». The consequence: we become tired, find it harder to concentrate and the air starts to become musty. 

The old stale air needs to be replaced with fresh air. Good air circulation ensures that the air masses are constantly replaced, even in enclosed spaces. The air feels fresher and cooler and it improves the indoor climate.

What can you do if your bedroom is hot and stuffy?

A pleasant indoor climate is particularly important in the bedroom. If the air quality is poor and your bedroom gets too hot, your sleep quality can suffer. The optimal temperature is between 16 and 19 degrees. However on hot summer days, it is practically impossible to achieve such a temperature – so good ideas are called for. 

In hot weather, the most important thing to do is to ventilate your home when the outside temperature drops, which is usually the case early in the morning and at night. Use that time to make the most of the freshest possible air when ventilating your home!

You can use fans to ensure that the fresh air is also distributed as optimally as possible around your home. Their blades ensure continuous air circulation so that the air indoors is not allowed to stagnate and doesn’t become stuffy. 

A fresh breeze will also ensure that we have a more restful night’s sleep and also sleep better on hot summer nights. Especially during tropical nights (nights when the temperature outside doesn’t drop below 20 degrees), a bedroom often won’t cool down sufficiently, even with the windows open. That is why it is particularly important to have good air circulation in bedrooms during the summer.

Why does good air circulation have a «cooling» effect?

Stagnant air can quickly feel old and stuffy – and therefore warmer too. When there is no air circulation, the CO2 concentration rises and the air feels warmer against our bodies. When circulating air comes into contact with our skin, it cools it down more effectively and the air feels fresher. When we perspire, a warm layer of air is created over our skin. The fine draught blows that layer away, bringing about the cooling effect. What’s more, depending on the conditions within the room in each case, when the air is stagnant heat pockets can develop where the air is particularly warm. Fans prevent these heat pockets from forming by constantly moving the air around.

Why does good air circulation help in the summer?

Enclosed spaces naturally ensure that there is not much air circulation. In summer in particular, large window façades and a lack of air circulation can turn a home or office into a sauna. The air becomes stale and heats up very quickly. Hot and stale air has a negative effect on our well-being and our performance – we feel tired and listless more quickly. That is precisely the reason why it is so important for us to circulate the air in our offices and bedrooms.

Why fans are so good at circulating the air

A simple fan will consist of a motor and a propeller (fan blades) that rotates constantly. Those rotating blades move the air by sucking it in at the back of the device and blowing it out at the front, creating a fresh breeze. The direction of the wind produced by a fan is either fixed or oscillates due to a swing mechanism. 

Modern 3D air circulators are even better at circulating the air indoors. These 3-dimensional fans not only push the air in one direction but also distribute it both vertically and horizontally throughout the room. As a result, the air is circulated optimally and cools our skin. 

Stadler Form provides modern air circulators for your home in the form of its fans Simon and Leo. Both Simon and Leo have a 3D swing function that ensures optimal distribution of the air flow throughout the room. The air flow is individually adjustable and has a range of 8 to 10 metres, so that you can stay fresh and cool at all times, whatever the season. And incidentally, Simon and Leo look great too.

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Guest author of this article is Kamil Biedermann, Senior Content Creation Specialist at Webrepublic - many thanks!

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