Nadine Walder , 10 June 2024

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Keep your home cool in summer: four simple tips

Summer is just around the corner and hopefully it will bring rising temperatures. Whilst we all look forward to sunny days and warm evenings, the heat often provides a challenge – it can also become unpleasantly hot indoors. Don’t worry! There are simple, proven methods to keep your home cool on even the hottest days.

Four simple tips to keep your home cool

We searched out tips to help you keep your home cool in the heat. You can look forward to somewhere to retreat to and enjoy the summer in all its glory. Lea from Stadler Form presents the tips. Watch the video or read on so that you can implement the advice yourself right away.

Tip no. 1: Let the fresh air in early in the morning and late in the evening

It is important to use the cooler times of the day in order to introduce fresh air into your home. Open all the windows and doors to create a draught. If you have a large cupboard, open the doors wide as a large volume of hot air can often collect in there. During the day the blinds should be closed and all the windows and doors shut to prevent the heat coming into the house.

Tip no. 2: Place fans by the window when letting in the cool air

Whilst you are letting in the cool air place a fan close to the window so that it can draw in the cool external air and distribute it around the room. This will introduce more cooling air into the interior of the room. 3D fans are especially suitable for this as they can let the air circulate optimally around the whole room thanks to their horizontal and vertical rotation. 

You can find out other ways that a fan can help you to cool off on a hot day in our “Stay fresh in summer thanks to air circulation” blog article.

Tip no. 3: Try not to use electronic devices

Electrical and electronic devices such as ovens, hobs, hair dryers and other household appliances generate additional heat in your home. Try to avoid using them, or at least use them less, during the heat of the day. Unplug appliances if they are not being used to avoid generating unnecessary heat.

Tip no. 4: Plants to improve the climate in the room

Not only are plants decorative, they can also improve the climate in the room. Some plants are known to have a cooling effect, such as the sansevieria, also known as the bowstring hemp, or the indoor palm. Place some indoor plants in your home. Remember to water the plants regularly to ensure that they stay healthy and can be effective. 

With these four tips and a fan you can keep your home cool and enjoy the summer to the full without a care. Don’t have a fan? Stadler Form offers a wide range of different fans - we have small table fans, tower fans, pedestal fans, floor fans and 3D fans. You are sure to find the right one for you.

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