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With his energy-efficient technology, the fan Finn provides pleasant freshness on hot days. Finn can be used as a pedestal, floor or table fan and swings quietly from left to right to optimise air circulation in the room. His 8 speed levels with a wind distance of up to 8 meters, the natural breeze mode and the remote control offer maximum comfort. And thanks to night mode and a 1 to 8 hour switch-off timer, Finn ensures a restful night's sleep.

Product family Fan
System Pedestal fan
Color white
Capacity 361 m3/h
Power level 8
Power consumption 1.6 W – 13 W
Noise level 24 – 53 dB(A)
Weight 4.6 kg
Dimensions 349 x 954 x 226 mm

Easy cleaning

Cleaning Finn is very easy: to clean the fan blades, the removable grilles at the air inlet and outlet can simply be removed.

Flexible use

Finn can be used as a pedestal fan, floor fan or table fan. The removable pole can be used depending on individual requirements.

Wind direction

Finn has an automatic horizontal swing function of 120°. The vertical position of the fan head can be manually adjusted from up to 90° to precisely select the wind direction.

Good to know

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To clean Finn or Finn mobile, he must first be switched off and the mains cable disconnected from the socket. To clean the outside of Finn / Finn mobile, simply wipe him with a damp cloth. To clean the fan blades, the screws can be loosened and the protective grille removed. The fan blades can also be wiped with a damp cloth. After cleaning, please dry all fan parts thoroughly before Finn / Finn mobile is screwed back together and put back into operation.

There are two main differences between Finn and Finn mobile
  • Finn is equipped with a fixed cable. Finn mobile has a rechargeable battery that you can charge using the detachable cable supplied. You can also use Finn mobile connected to the mains when using indoors.
  • Finn mobile has IP44 certification which means you can use him indoors as well as in covered outdoor areas. Finn does not have this certification and can therefore only be used indoors.
Visually, Finn and Finn mobile differ only slightly. There is a button on the base of Finn mobile so that you can easily check the battery charge level. If you press it, the LEDs above it will show you the current battery charge level. Finn does not have these LEDs.


The Designer

During our years of study, we (Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard) recognised the mutual passion for clear and simple shapes as well as for unconventional concepts and smart ideas. In 2010, we founded the BERNHARD I BURKARD design studio ...

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