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The aroma diffuser with Amber Light creates unforgettable, atmospheric moments. This quiet and energy-efficient aroma diffuser uses ultrasound technology to optimally emit essential oils into the room as extra fine mist whenever you want her to – for up to 10 hours with a full water tank. Elegant aroma diffuser Zoe adds a touch of glamour to any room and creates moments of well-being!

Product family Aroma diffuser
System Ultrasonic
Color black
Power consumption 5 W
Water tank capacity 80 ml
Noise level < 27 dB(A)
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 113 x 105 x 113 mm


Video tutorials

Bronze-coloured flame

Zoe’s cool mist is made visible by her amber light. The bronze-coloured, deceptively genuine looking flame transforms the room into an oasis of well-being.

Mobile use

Zoe is a winner in every respect: her attributes includes features such as a USB connection for mobile use and an adapter for use at home as well as an automatic shut-off.

Practical features

The aroma diffuser offers an automatic shut-off. And to make sure that your well-deserved night’s rest is not disturbed, you can dim the atmospheric Amber LightTM or switch it off altogether as you wish.

Good to know

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You can clean the water container using a common household descaler. Mix the descaler with water according to the instructions on the packaging. Please do not attempt to chip limescale deposits off the membrane using a hard object. In the case of stubborn limescale deposits, we recommend repeating the descaling process several times in a row. Make sure that no water gets into the air outlet opening. After descaling, carefully rinse out the base and dry it thoroughly. Clean the top part regularly using a damp cloth.

No, Zoe does not have a battery and must be connected to a suitable power source. Thanks to the adapter and USB cable supplied, Zoe is mobile and can be connected to a power socket using the adapter and to a PC or an external power source (10,000 mA battery pack/power bank) using the USB cable.

Make sure that the LED dimmer is deactivated (press the right-hand button on the front several times: normal – dimmed – switched off).

If there are limescale deposits on the membrane, Zoe’s mist may be less distinct or less powerful. If that is the case, you can clean and descale your Zoe thoroughly, paying particular attention to the membrane. We recommend wiping the membrane carefully with a cotton bud soaked in descaler until all the limescale has gone. Under no circumstances should you attempt to chip limescale deposits off the membrane using a hard or pointed object!

After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Make sure that no water gets into the air outlet opening (2 in the image below) during cleaning or rinsing.

Yes, the device will switch off automatically when there is no water left in the water container. Zoe will not be damaged if she runs out of water.

1. Unplug Zoe
2. Empty Zoe’s water tank and rinse it out with warm water
3. Plug Zoe back in again
4. Press and hold down the LED button first and then also press the ON/OFF button
5. Hold down both buttons for approximately 2-3 seconds
6. After that, the LED should flashes a few times
7. Refill Zoe with water and switch her on again

We do not recommend you to use Zoe with distilled water. 

We recommend the use of pure natural essential oils for the operation of your aroma diffuser. 

To start, you can add 2-3 drops of the scented oil to the water. Depending on the desired intensity of the fragrance, you can increase or reduce the number of drops.

If you barely smell the scent, please look at the list with recommendations:

  • Increase the amount of oil/fragrance drops in the diffuser.
  • Try different kind of fragrances/essential oils. How much the scent is noticeable depends mostly on the quality of the fragrance itself (synthetic, natural, ingredients, etc.). It is comparable with wine; quality is everything plus the scent also changes over time. Our experience is that the best results are achieved with 100% pure essential oils of a high quality and concentration.
  • The room temperature and relative air humidity influence how noticeable the scent is. The drier the environment, the less noticeable is the scent.
  • A high rate of air ventilation (opening windows and/or heating/air conditioning) has a direct influence on the scent because it makes it disappear faster. Reducing the air ventilation and not putting the aroma diffuser next to an air vent helps to increase the time the scent remains in the air and thus the noticeability. This also means no tilted windows.
  • Make sure the aroma diffuser is positioned where you like the scent to be most noticeable, best at least 70 cm above the floor.
  • Clean the inside of the aroma diffuser at least once a week and make sure to thoroughly clean the transducer from any oil/scent residues. The transducer can be clogged which results in a lower output and less noticeability of the scent.


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kein Akku

Schade lässt sich Zoe nicht kabellos betreiben. Hätte ansonsten eines oder mehrere davon bestellt, denn die schöne kupferfarbene Blende oben verleiht diesem Diffuser ein edles Design.

Review from Anonymous at 03.01.2024


Erstaunlich - dieses Werbegeschenk (Wettbewerb - Zettel eingeworben & schon vergessen...) - effizient - es macht, was es soll, & das gut - kein Firlefanz - praktisch - durchdacht, in vielerlei Hinsicht, nicht nur technisch & für den inspirierten (...

Review from Anonymous at 11.03.2022
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