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Robert by Stadler Form humidifies and purifies the air and ensures a clean and pleasant room climate all year round. The powerful air washer evaporates up to 13.2 liters of water per day and is also suitable for large rooms. By means of the fragrance container, additional fragrance can be distributed in the room.

Wichtiger Kauf-Hinweis

Bei Minergie-Häusern (Niederenergie- bzw. Passiv-Häuser) oder Wohnungen muss die doppelte Raumgrösse berechnet werden.  

Der Grund dafür liegt im kontinuierlichen Luftaustausch: Kalte und trockene Aussenluft wird aufgewärmt und ins Innere geführt. Die durch Mensch, Tier, Möbel, Pflanzen, Kochen, Duschen etc. produzierte Feuchtigkeit wird durch den kontinuierlichen Luftaustausch schnell nach aussen geführt. Resultat ist meist extrem trockene Raumluft. Kontrollierte Belüftungssysteme wirken daher wie offene Fenster.

Product family Air washer 2in1
System Air washer (2 in 1)
Color silver
Accessories (included) Water Cube
Room size m² 80
Room size m³ 200
Capacity 550 g/h
Power level 4
Power consumption 7 – 30 W
Water tank capacity 6.3 l
Noise level 27 – 56 dB(A)
Weight 8.2 kg
Dimensions 321 x 471 x 235 mm


Video tutorials

Easy operation

The touch display allows elegant and easy operation. It has a motion sensor that activates the display.

Effective air cleaner

Robert effectively filters up to 50% of all particles and pollen from the air and is the ideal roommate for allergy sufferers. He also gets rid of more than 94% of smells within 30 minutes.

Three pre-programmed modes

Robert has 3 different pre-programmed modes. Auto mode automatically keeps the humidity at 45%. Night mode reduces the illumination of the display to a minimum. And with the help of the cleaning mode and the addition of a suitable cleaning agent, the unit is cleaned and descaled.

Good to know

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If the humidity indicator starts flashing, it means that the desired humidity has been reached and the device has switched itself off automatically.

The current humidity is measured approximately every 30 minutes (the fan will run for 1-2 minutes). If the current humidity measured falls below the set value, the device will start to humidify again.

Press the "Air Humidity” button to reset the desired humidity. You can now select the desired humidity in increments of 5 by repeatedly pressing the "Air Humidity” button (the display will flash while you are doing this). If no adjustments are made for approximately 10 seconds, the value selected will be saved. The display will switch to the current humidity measured. Once the desired humidity is reached, the device will stop again and the display will flash.

The disc pack may become loose during operation or after cleaning. As a result, the toothed wheel on the disc pack will no longer grip properly. You can rectify the problem quite easily by tightening up the disc pack. This is done by turning the disc at the front clockwise with the toothed wheel.

The anticalc cartridge reduces the lime content in the water and thus the decalcification intervals.  With a water hardness above 7° dH, we recommend the use of the anticalc cartridge. The cartridge will need to be replaced every one to three months depending on how hard your water is. It is essential to use an anticalc cartridge if your water hardness exceeds 21 dH°.

The intensity of the fragrance is influenced by various factors:
- Type of fragrance (synthetic, natural, ingredients, etc.)
- Room temperature and relative humidity (the more humid the air, the stronger the fragrance will be)
- Room size (the smaller the room, the more intense the fragrance)

In principle, you can increase the intensity of a fragrance by adding a little more fragrance oil. The strength of a fragrance will depend on the fragrance itself. Natural fragrances are often more discreet than synthetic ones and certain ingredients are more dominant than others.

It should also be remembered that first and foremost, the device is an air washer and therefore the intensity of the fragrance will never be as strong as the fragrance from an aroma diffuser.

Please check to make sure that the water tray and the disc pack have been inserted into the device properly. You need to push the water tray in quite firmly until you hear a “click”.




Stadler Form Robert

das Gerät finde ich sehr gut in dem Design und in der Bedienung, das Stromkabel kommt für mich am falschen Ort raus ,-)

Review from Anonymous at 11.05.2024


Sehr empfehlenswertes Gerät, super Leistung für Wohnraum. Turbo sollte gebraucht werden, wenn schnell Luft gesättigt werden muss. Lautstärke bei normalem Betrieb ausgezeichnet. Kann gerät nur empfehlen schade kann nicht mit App bedient werden Bed...

Review from Meier Hansultich at 06.02.2024
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The Designer

Since the very start, I have had the privilege to co-develop and design products for Martin Stadler and the Stadler Form Team. What began with Fred, has grown into an attractive, small but fine range of products. This experience, and being part of the team, has greatly enriched myself and my work as a designer ...

Matti Walker

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