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With his slim and elegant stature, Peter produces a lot of wind. His swing mode distributes the air evenly and pleasantly throughout the room. Because he is shaped like a column, this fan takes up very little space, making him ideal for tight spaces. The tower fan has a washable filter to protect him against dust and other particles.

Product family Fan
System Tower fan
Color black
Capacity 6.7 m/s
Power level 3
Power consumption 36 – 60 W
Noise level 33 – 52 dB(A)
Weight 5.8 kg
Dimensions 249 x 1090 x 249 mm


So easy to operate

The tower fan is easy to control by gently pressing the touch-sensitive control panel. He can also be operated using a convenient remote control.

Intelligent features

Peter has an impressive range of intelligent features, including a 1–7 hour timer and a natural breeze mode.

Individually adjustable

With his three different speed settings, Peter can be individually adjusted to suit your needs.

Good to know

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While the tower fan is in use, dust can collect on the device. This can cause a whistling noise. On the back of Peter, there is a grid through which the air is sucked in. Clean this grid with a vacuum cleaner. If the fan is still making a whistling noise, undo the screws and remove the grid. Vacuum the bottom grid as well and wipe it clean with a soft cloth if required. Replace the grid and fasten the screws.

With Peter leatherette, you can clean the surface using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner or use a dry duster to remove the dust. To remove any other type of dirt from the surface, rub with a circular motion using a soft damp (not wet!) cloth and then dry it thoroughly. Do not use cleaning agents which contain acid or alcohol or wet the surface too much as this can damage the surface.




Großartiger Ventilator – aber im Schlafzimmer …

Sieht gut aus. Lüftet super. Schnell auf- und abgebaut. Dank der Öffnung / des Griffes am Kopf leicht von Raum zu Raum tragbar. Wer ihn allerdings nachts im Schlafzimmer nutzen möchte und sich über die Timerfunktion freut - der fragt sich schnell:...

Review from Anonymous at 04.10.2023

Echt Stadler

Nicht das erste Familienmitglied von Stadler Form. Bestimmt nicht das letzte. Coole Geräte. Coole Idee. Coole Firma

Review from Erwin at 12.09.2023
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The Designer

During our years of study, we (Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard) recognised the mutual passion for clear and simple shapes as well as for unconventional concepts and smart ideas. In 2010, we founded the BERNHARD I BURKARD design studio ...

Bernhard & Burkard

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