A fan creates wind by circulating the air in the room. This draught provides a pleasant cooling effect on our skin. There are different types of fans that cover different needs: stand fans, tower fans, table fans and more. Stadler Form fans offer the right refreshment for every thermal condition. Find the right fan for you now.

CHF 99.00
3D oscillation mode for optimum distribution of the air flow
Wide range – wind distance of up to 8 meters
CHF 110.00
Quietly provides cooling with swing function
Automatic switch-off thanks to 1–8 h timer
CHF 159.00
Indoors and outdoors: Cool down anytime and anywhere
Up to 7 h cordless battery operation
CHF 179.00
Powerful performance with low energy consumption
Even distribution of the air flow thanks to the swing function
CHF 206.00
3D oscillation mode distributes refreshing air around the whole room
Impressive wind distance – provides refreshment over a range of up to 10 metres
CHF 179.00
Housing made from sustainable bamboo
Three power levels
CHF 69.00
Swing mode for uniform distribution of the air flow
Space-saving due to small footprint

CHF 69.00

CHF 49.00

Save CHF 20.00

Rotatable and inclinable fan ring
Continuously variable speed setting

CHF 195.00

CHF 179.00

Save CHF 16.00

Unique shape made from stainless steel
Three power levels

CHF 98.00

CHF 79.00

Save CHF 19.00

Moves up to 3300 cubic meters of air per hour
Horizontal swivel function (oscillation)
CHF 119.00
Moves up to 6000 cubic meters of air per hour
Horizontal swivel function (oscillation)
CHF 139.00
Moves up to 6000 cubic meters of air per hour
Horizontal swivel function (oscillation)

Fan accessories

What a fan can do for you

The world of home cooling

On our information page about cooling your home, we explain why heat builds up in your home, why high temperatures can feel uncomfortable and what tips there are for keeping your home cool in summer.

Different types of fans

There are different types of fans with different features that cater to individual needs and provide optimum refreshment. There are fans with remote control, with Wi-Fi and battery-powered fans, those that are small and compact and those that are larger and generate more wind. There are also different models within these types of fans.

Stand fans

A pedestal or stand fan swings sideways, which ensures more air movement and therefore more cooling. Some pedestal fans are also height-adjustable. Although a pedestal fan is positioned on the floor, the air is discharged at hip to eye level.

Floor fans

A floor fan stands on the floor or on a low sideboard and usually concentrates on circulating large quantities of air, which creates more wind in the room. To function ideally, floor fans need some space around them.

Tower fans

A tower fan is slim and therefore very space-saving, usually has more technology and therefore offers various options for generating wind for personal cooling. Tower fans are ideal for use in the office or bedroom. Thanks to their slim shape, they can also be placed in smaller rooms or in a corner. Tower fans usually have an integrated swing function and can therefore cover a wide area.

Table fans

A table fan is suitable for small areas, compact and handy and provides a refreshing draught of air at specific points. A table fan refreshes the workplace pleasantly, whether in the office or home office. It can be placed on a table, sideboard, coffee table, bedside table or dining table.

3D fans

A 3D fan refreshes the air in all dimensions, as it has a vertical and horizontal swing function that can even be combined. 3D fans are true all-rounders and are therefore suitable for many situations. Of all the models, these fans are best at circulating the air throughout the room. They are therefore also suitable in winter to optimise the distribution of warm air. The draught from 3D fans is also very pleasant as it does not hit the person directly.

Tips for buying a fan

There are different models of fans that fulfil different needs. Think about exactly what you want from a fan before you buy. For example, if you want a height-adjustable fan and want to adjust the airflow precisely, then a stand fan is the ideal choice. If you have limited space or want to place the fan in a corner, you should opt for a tower fan.

Think about where you want to place your fan. If you need the fan in the bedroom, for example, you should definitely opt for a quiet fan. When buying, pay attention to the noise level (dB(A)).

When buying a fan, you should also consider how you want to operate the fan. There are fans with a remote control and those that have Wi-Fi or can be easily operated via a touch panel. If you want to operate the fan from anywhere, you should choose a fan with a remote control or Wi-Fi function.

Advice on purchasing a fan

Our fans provide quick and efficient cooling for greater comfort in summer. In our video, Usha explains how to find the perfect fan for you. She explains the different fan models and what their advantages are.