Martin Stadler Mission Stadler Form improve the air


Mission & Values

Our Mission: To improve and enhance the world of air treatment.

We want to improve and enhance the world of air treatment. We therefore develop lovable household appliances with an outstanding design. Our products are easy and intuitive to use and ensure efficient power consumption. New product developments always emerge from a personal need. We want to create elegant and useful roommates that enhance our wellbeing.


We do it!

We put our ideas into practice: We do it! We find it very important for good ideas to be realised without any ifs and buts.

We are true to ourselves

We do not follow the strategies of other companies but focus on our strengths. 

We think from the customer's point of view

We create products that we are convinced will fulfil our customers’ expectations, or even exceed them.

Open and honest communication

Our communication is open and honest – we don’t want to hide anything and we are “all ears” for suggestions of any kind!

«Out of a personal need, I created Stadler Form.» 

Click on the video and hear directly from Martin Stadler why he founded the company, what challenges he had to overcome and how the products are created.