New colour collection!

Every two years we introduce a new colour collection for selected Stadler Form products. Our designers have studied the wide array of colours and looked at trends in different areas of our lifes. The goal is to have one elegant and classic colour plus one fresh and cheerful colour. And this year’s winners are...bronze and lime! The dark-brown bronze and the bright-green lime are the colours we selected for 2015 and 2016. The humidifiers Fred, Oskar and Anton, the aroma diffusers Jasmine and Lea as well as the heaters Anna little and Max are the happy Stadler Form family members who will be presented in a new outfit. And they are beaming with joy...

Don’t worry for those who prefer the standard colours white and black – we keep these colours in the product range as well.

Stadler Form air improvers in bronze and lime are officially launched in fall 2015.

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