New family member and new colour collection

The versatile hot heater Anna big combines classy looks with unique Adaptive Heat™ technology. She maintains the desired temperature in auto mode thanks to automatic adjustment of the heat output – no irritating on and off as the temperature is maintained efficiently and quietly. And because Anna big is also big on safety, she has an integrated tilt protection (automatic shut-off) and a modern PTC ceramic heating element to avoid overheating. This fan heater can even be used in summer: with the heating element switched off, she sends a cool breeze. Anna big comes in two different colours: white and black.

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Every two to three years we introduce a new colour collection for selected Stadler Form products. Our designers have studied the wide array of colours and looked at trends in different areas of our lifes. The goal is to have one elegant and classic colour plus one fresh and cheerful colour. And this year’s winners are...titanium and chili red! The humidifiers Oskar little and Anton, the aroma diffusers Mia, Jasmine and Julia as well as the hygrometer Selina and the heater Anna little are the happy Stadler Form family members who will be presented in a new outfit. The humidifiers Eva little and Oskar will be available in titanium. And they are all beaming with joy...

Don’t worry for those who prefer the standard colours white and black – we keep these colours in the product range as well.

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