Swiss Energy Day 2014

"Low energy, maximum performance" – That's the motto of this year's energyday14 in Switzerland. We also focus on efficiency in the development of our products. This means low power consumption while at the same time maintaining a high performance. Thus, all our products are equipped with an automatic shut-off function to avoid any unnecessary running time. Several power levels ensure a targeted and therefore energy-saving use of our devices. Our dehumidifiers have been awarded with the energy efficiency rating 3xA (Albert) and 2xA (Albert little). Make sure to check the energy efficiency label when purchasing dehumidifiers.

Some tips on how our appliances can be used in an even more energy-efficient way:

  • Check the air humidity level before switching on humidifiers or dehumidifiers using a hygrometer, such as Selina from Stadler Form (optimal relative humidity level: 40 – 60 %)
  • Do not over-humidify resp. dehumidify the air to a too low level: set hygrostat to an average value, for example to 50 %
  • Select low and medium power levels
  • Regularly exchange the accessories (Oskar filter every 2–3 months depending on water hardness)
  • Clean humidifiers every 2 weeks, descale vaporisers weekly when using very hard water
  • Only operate heaters and fans when you are at home
  • Choose interval mode when using aroma diffusers
  • Select on-/off-timer with dehumidifier Albert instead of continuous mode

More information about the energy day 2014 (website in German, French, Italian only):

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