Frequently asked questions about Roger little

The LED on the front of Roger little indicates the current state of the air quality: blue = good, orange = moderate and red = poor. So if the LED turns red, that indicates poor air quality. This can be caused by smoke, odours, gases from e.g. wall paint, dust, pet hair, pollen, too much ventilation, room sprays, perfume or deodorant. Roger little’s LED will also turn red if he is positioned close to ultrasonic humidifiers or aroma diffusers as the individual water droplets will be identified as particles.

No, air purifiers do not provide adequate protection against coronaviruses. While they are able to filter viruses from the air, they can only be used as additional support for a good indoor air climate (reduction of particles and gaseous pollution).

Roger little cleans the air using a Dual Filter™ system which, to be precise, is a powerful combination of a HEPA H12 and an activated carbon filter. The textile prefilter removes coarse dust particles and pollutants from the air, thus protecting the Dual Filter™. The prefilter is protected against microbial growth by its integrated Sanitized®* hygiene function. The antimicrobial protection for the prefilter is guaranteed for at least 20 washes on a delicate wash cycle at 30 °C.

*Sanitized® is a Swiss company and the leading worldwide producer of hygiene function and material protection for textiles and polymers.

Is an H12 filter class enough? In this video you can learn about the difference.

Roger little is supplied with a HEPA H12 Dual Filter™ as standard. A HEPA H14 filter is available as a separate accessory.

Remove the fabric from the two positioning aids, the two pins, the 4 tabs and the two corner tabs at the top of the plastic frame. To re-attach the pre-filter to the appliance again, stretch the material over the plastic part so that the washing label is at the top and on the inside. All openings in the material to be threaded through are marked with bright-coloured thread. In addition, the material should be lifted over the two corner tabs at the top of the appliance.

The textile pre-filter will need to be removed from its plastic frame before it can be washed in a washing machine. The textile pre-filter can be washed at 30°C (cold wash) on a gentle cycle. Let the textile pre-filter dry completely before attaching it to the appliance again. Caution: Never put the pre-filter in the dishwasher!

The textile pre-filter removes coarse dust particles from the air. As a result of this, particles are deposited on the surface over time, and they are easier to see on Roger little’s light grey pre-filter than they are on the dark grey one. Wash the textile pre-filter at 30 °C (cold wash) on a gentle cycle to get rid of the dark discolouration.

Although the dust build-up is less noticeable on the dark grey pre-filter, we still recommend vacuuming the dark pre-filter regularly and washing it every few weeks at 30 °C (cold wash) on a gentle cycle.

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