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Product reviews about Roger

  • Perfect air purifier!

    Review of Chris on 12.01.2018

    I bought Roger with some of my Christmas money and just installed it yesterday. So this review is based on the initial setup and several hours of running the device. That said, it's been running perfectly so far! The whole setup is very simple - just plug in the power cord at the back and unwrap the HEPA filter inside. Per recommendation: switch it to auto-mode as soon as possible to let the device monitor and adjust air flow accordingly. The design is very sleek and fits well inside a modern apartment. I live next to a busy street in the city, so I'm glad to have a device that guarantees clean air within my apartment now. This is my 2nd device from Stadler Form (next to the Oskar humidifier) and I think they seem to put a lot of thought and care into their products. This is evident by the filter reminder, dimmable lights, gas/particle sensor, overall ease-of-use and build quality. In short: well worth the money in any case but especially worthwhile and important if you're living in the city and/or next to a busy road. Best regards from Berne, Chris