Frequently asked questions about Viktor

You can place the HPP filter in water and add a few drops of washing up liquid. After washing it, it is imperative to rinse the filter with clean water and leave it to completely dry. You can find the cleaning instructions printed on the side of the HPP filter.

The HPP LED displays the functional status of the HPP filter:

  • LED is illuminated – HPP filter is installed and is functioning correctly
  • LED is not illuminated – HPP filter is not installed or is not functioning
  • Weakened LED illumination – HPP filter is dirty, clean according to the manual

The HPP™ filter status indicator is integrated in products from the production of July 2015 and higher.

The correct positioning of your hands can solve this problem. First check whether the two red latches on the side of the HPP filter are closed. Then hold the front edge of Viktor with your left hand. With your right hand, push under the writing “push to open”. It is exactly the same procedure to open the door. The door is difficult to open on purpose because it needs to be tightly sealed to ensure the best possible cleaning results.

If the HPP filter is dirty or if it is not completely dry after cleaning, the inside of the unit crackles and Viktor may stop working. Only use Viktor when the HPP filter is completely dry, and clean the filter at regular intervals.

This means that there is a functioning HPP filter inside Viktor. Please note that there are two types of Viktor. One type has flashing LEDs, in the other they are always on.


The activated carbon filter can absorb gases (bad smells or tobacco smoke) in the air and thus filter the air but its capacity is limited. This is why the filter must be replaced regularly (about every 6 months depending on the air pollution). Should you notice that the bad smells are no longer being eliminated well enough before the 6 months are up, this is a sign that the filter should be replaced.

No, Viktor has to be switched on manually after the power supply is interrupted.

Very small quantities of ozone occur as a byproduct during the electrostatic filtering of air. With Viktor, however, these tiny amounts are well below the legal limits and are in no way harmful to your health. Generally, these minimal ozone emissions are adsorbed again immediately by the activated carbon filter and do NOT enter the air in the room. Viktor does not produce ozone in order to purify the air, which hazardous ozone generators do. If your Viktor smells of ozone during use, this familiar smell may also be coming from the activated carbon filter and this usually dissipates after a few hours of operation.

Yes, your settings will be saved. If Viktor is switched off and then on again, the most recent settings used will be applied.

No, air purifiers do not provide adequate protection against coronaviruses. While they are able to filter viruses from the air, they can only be used as additional support for a good indoor air climate (reduction of particles and gaseous pollution).

Used filters have to be disposed of with regular household waste.

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