Frequently asked questions about George

Yes, George switches back on automatically after the power supply is interrupted.

The evaporator discs and the water base from George can be put in the dishwasher. Please make sure that the evaporator discs are laid flat in the dishwasher. The evaporator discs must not be inserted between the bars as this could result in significant deformation. Lay the evaporator discs flat in the top tray of the dishwasher. Slight deformation after cleaning is harmless and will not impair the functioning of the evaporator discs. The water tank must not be put in the dishwasher.

The intensity of the fragrance is influenced by various factors:

  • Type of fragrance (synthetic, natural, ingredients, etc.)
  • Room temperature and relative humidity (the more humid the air, the stronger the fragrance will be)
  • Room size (the smaller the room, the more intensive the fragrance)

In principle, you can increase the intensity of a fragrance by adding a little more fragrance oil. The strength of a fragrance will depend on the fragrance itself. Natural fragrances are often more discreet than synthetic ones and certain ingredients are more dominant than others.

It should also be remembered that first and foremost, the device is an air washer. The intensity of its fragrance will never be as strong as the fragrance from an aroma diffuser.

If all the LEDs including the «NO WATER» indicator are flashing, the water tray is not positioned correctly. Push the water tray as far as it will go into the housing. When you hear a beep, it means that the tray is in the correct position.

In principle, it will depend on the lime content of the water used as to how often you need to clean George. If you are unsure, the best thing to do is open the device, look inside and descale if necessary.

The water base and the disc package should be rinsed with clean water once a week in order to wash out the dirt particles removed from the air.

The water base, evaporator discs and water tank should be cleaned thoroughly using a soft brush or sponge and warm water every two weeks. If there are lime scale deposits in the water base or water tank, use a descaling solution diluted with water (for the mixture ratio, see the manufacturer’s instructions). After descaling, the base and tank should be rinsed out thoroughly with tap water. The water base can also be cleaned in the dishwasher (at a maximum of 60 °C). The water tank must not be put in the dishwasher.

If there is a lot of lime scale, cleaning mode is recommended. Pour equal parts of cleaning solution and descaling solution as well as water into the water tray. Then push the water tray and the set of discs back into the housing. To activate cleaning mode, press the two buttons marked «SPEED» and «DIMMER» simultaneously and hold them down until the LEDs flash white. The set of discs will rotate but not the fan so the cleaning solution will not be blown into the air in the room. After 20 minutes, George will be clean, and the LEDs will go out. If there is any lime scale left in the device, cleaning can be repeated. Once cleaning is finished, all the clean parts should be rinsed thoroughly with clean water.

Video how to clean George

Unscrew the tank cap, fill the tank with tap water mixed with decalcifying agent (mixing ratio according to the manufacturer's instructions). Then close the water tank and shake it thoroughly. Before opening the tank, press the valve in the middle of the tank cap to release the pressure. Then empty the tank and rinse it thoroughly with tap water. If necessary, remove residues with a household brush.

You can remove the dirt from George’s air filter with a vacuum cleaner or by wiping the filter with a damp cloth. The filter should be cleaned regularly, especially if it is heavily contaminated with animal hair, for example. Note: The air filter must not be put in the dishwasher.

Yes, your settings will be saved. If George is switched off and then on again, the most recent settings used will be applied.

The used anticalc cartridge has to be disposed of with regular household waste.

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