Frequently asked questions about Robert

Clean the water basin, evaporator discs and the water tank thoroughly with a soft brush or a sponge and warm water every 2 weeks. With limescale in the water basin or water tank, use a decalcifier diluted with water (follow the manufacturer’s instructions). In Clean Mode, Robert automatically cleans itself; see also “How can I clean the disc package?”. Rinse the basin and tank well afterwards with tap water. The following video shows the correct cleaning of Robert.

A flashing humidity value means that the desired humidity has been reached and the device has switched off automatically.

The current air humidity is measured approx. every 30 minutes (the fan runs for 1–2 minutes). Should the measured current air humidity fall below the set value, the appliance begins to humidify again.

Push the “Air Humidity” button to change the desired humidity level. You may now select the desired air humidity in increments of 5 % by repeatedly pressing the “Air Humidity” button (the display will blink while settings are being adjusted). The selected value is saved if no other adjustments are made after approx. 10 seconds. The display changes to the current measured air humidity. Once the desired air humidity is reached again, the appliance stops and the display blinks.

Please check whether the water tray incl. the evaporator discs is fully inserted into the unit. The water tray must be inserted with a little pressure until a "click" is heard.

The anticalc cartridge reduces the lime content in the water and thus the intervals between decalcifying. If you notice white marks on the sides of the water basin, we recommend that you use the anticalc cartridge. The cartridge needs to be replaced every one to three months depending on how hard your water is. Hard water exceeding 21 dH° requires the use of a anticalc cartridge.

Video with cleaning instructions

  1. First empty the water left in the water basin.
  2. Then pour the decalcifier (follow the manufacturer’s instructions) up to 2 cm below the top of the basin. The evaporator discs should remain in the water.
  3. Now push the water basin back into the unit (you do not need to put the tank in).
  4. Press the mode button three times to start the cleaning process. The symbol “Clean Mode” is displayed. During the process, the evaporator discs rotate in the water but the fan is not running. No air is blown into the room. After the 20-minute cleaning process, the unit stops and the Clean Mode display flashes. You can run the cleaning process several times depending on the extent of the limescale. Empty the water basin and rinse thoroughly with tap water.
  5. If the evaporator discs are very dirty, you can unscrew them from each other, decalcify them individually and clean with a brush. To do so, unscrew the foremost disc with the toothed wheel and remove the discs from the axle. Make sure you reassemble the disc package properly after cleaning and tighten the foremost disc.

Yes, Robert switches back on automatically after the power supply is interrupted.

Depending on how hard your water is, the evaporator discs should be cleaned about every 4 weeks.

The air inlet was added in 2015 as part of the technical modifications to Robert. Products with a production date prior to 2015 do not have this function. Make sure that the air inlet and outlet are cleaned regularly (with a dry brush or vacuum cleaner) to prevent the build-up of dust.

The disc package may become lose during operation or after cleaning. This means the toothed wheel on the disc package is no longer griping properly. You can easily rectify the problem by tightening up the disc package. To do so, twist the foremost disc with the toothed wheel clockwise.

The appliance switches off automatically when the water container is empty. Robert will not be damaged when he runs out of water.

Before you replace the used anti-calc cartridge, it is important to soak the new cartridge in cold tap water 24 hours in advance. When changing the anti-calc cartridge, make sure that you don’t throw away the lid of the tank. The following video shows the correct way to change the cartridge:

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