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Product reviews about Julia


    Review of Shurman on 27.01.2017

    Beautiful little unit that hits on 100% of my needs and 90% of my wants. I would have loved it if there was an option for a higher output mist

    Stadler Form

    Thank you for your input. We have opted for a longer running time and a medium output instead of a very high output and a short running time. Julia has two output levels to choose from and runs up to 54 hours with one filling (in interval mode).

  • Quite good

    Review of Anonym on 23.01.2017

    I am happy with my diffuser. It has a nice look and is very quiet. However, I wish it were a bit easier to move around when it has water in it. I'm scared to spill some and have it get into the electrical parts of the diffuser. I'd recommend it and plan to buy the Jasmine for my office.

    Stadler Form

    The air inlet of Julia is designed to minimise the risk of water spilling into it. If you fill water up to the MAX line only and carry it with care, there should not be an issue with water spilling into the air inlet.

  • Fiat Lux

    Review of Cary on 20.11.2016

    Letzte Woche angekommen. Neben Anton, Oskar, Fred, Anna und Jasmin das neueste Kind aus gutem Stall. Super Technik, Top-Design (in weiss, of course) laufruhig, die schwenkende Duftfahne (beleuchtet!) schlägt alles. Ich schaue da stundenlang zu :-)