• Lina Aroma Diffuser von Stadler Form
  • Lina Aroma Diffuser von Stadler Form
  • Aroma Diffuser Lina, Nina und Tina von Stadler Form
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Ensures a fresh scent everywhere

  • Easy to use

  • Scents small rooms for up to 4 weeks

  • Fragrance globe replaceable with a quick twist

Simple and straightforward, Lina is the smallest aroma diffuser lady in the family and fragrances her surroundings without power or a cable. Perfect for a small bathroom or in a wardrobe, the unique fragrance globe system means neither water nor essential oils are required for fragrancing. Simply insert your choice of fragrance globe and screw open the cover until you achieve the desired intensity of aroma or, for an even stronger scent, remove it altogether. The specially shaped fragrance globes are fascinating: the richly fragranced, bonded pearls release a fresh scent for up to 4 weeks by means of the ambient air that flows through. Lina convinces as a fragrance diffuser for the smallest nooks.

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