Frequently asked questions about Charly floor

We are devoted to protecting the environment. For this reason, we have reduced the shipping volume of the new Charly fan. You can find the instructions for installing Charly floor in the following video tutorial.

To clean the fan blades, remove the safety screw, open all clamps and carefully lift off the safety grille on the front. Now you can clean the fan blades with a moist cloth and dry afterwards. After cleaning, replace the safety grille onto the device (remount position clamps at the top), close all clamps and tighten the safety screw.

Picture of Charly floor with socket screw

Charly floor’s motor housing is connected to his telescopic tube by means of a socket screw located on the side. This can work loose over time. You can secure Charly floor’s head in an upright position by tightening the screw.

If there is only 1 fastening clamp, you can perform the correction directly on the Charly fan. Open the clamp and press this to the back with your thumb, towards the motor. Then close the clamp again. The grate should now hold together firmly.

If more than just 1 clamp is loose, remove the front protective grate from the fan. Now press all loose clamps with your thumb towards the motor (away from the grate). Then affix the grate back to the fan and close the clamps. Picture for explanation

The cleaning option of the fan blades was added to the new design of Charly in 2014. With the earlier models, the grille and the fan blades can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Yes, Charly floor switches back on automatically after the power supply is interrupted.

Yes, your settings will be saved. If Charly floor is switched off and then on again, the most recent settings used will be applied.

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