Frequently asked questions about Leo

No, Leo has to be switched on manually after the power supply is interrupted.

No, if Leo is switched off, your settings will not be saved and you will have to enter them again when you switch the device back on.

Each time before cleaning, you should disconnect your Leo fan (unplug the mains cable from the socket or disconnect the USB cable from the device). Clean the outside of your Leo with a damp cloth. To clean the fan blades, gently turn the housing to a vertical position. First of all, remove the screw (16) underneath on the housing. Then turn the grille (14) anti-clockwise and remove it. Turn the knob underneath (17) clockwise and remove it. The fan blade (15) can now be taken out of the housing. Clean the fan blade with a damp cloth and a drop of detergent and then dry it thoroughly. Then clean the air outlet grille and dry it carefully. Now push the fan blade back onto the shaft (18) in the housing first of all, then tighten the knob by turning it anti-clockwise, replace the grille and finally, tighten the screw back up again. Make sure that the grille and the fan blade are completely dry and that the screw underneath on the housing is firmly tightened before using the device again.

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