Frequently asked questions about Peter leatherette

Picture of Tower Fan Peter without filter

While the tower fan is in use, dust can collect on the device. This can cause a whistling noise. On the back of Peter leatherette, there is a grid through which the air is sucked in. Clean this grid with a vacuum cleaner. If the fan is still making a whistling noise, undo the screws and remove the grid. Vacuum the bottom grid as well and wipe it clean with a soft cloth if required. Replace the grid and fasten the screws. Your Peter leatherette should now produce the normal level of noise when he is switched on again.

No, Peter leatherette has to be switched on manually after the power supply is interrupted.

No, if Peter leatherette is switched off, your settings will not be saved and you will have to enter them again when you switch the device back on.

You can clean the surface using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner or use a dry duster to remove the dust. To remove any other type of dirt from the surface, rub with a circular motion using a soft damp (not wet!) cloth and then dry it thoroughly. Do not use cleaning agents which contain acid or alcohol or wet the surface too much as this can damage the surface.

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