Frequently asked questions about Tim

Use at least a 10,000 mA battery pack/power bank in order to guarantee optimum runtime (> 24 hours on the lowest setting) and press the battery pack/power bank button to connect the battery pack/power bank and switch on Tim.

Yes, Tim switches back on automatically after the power supply is interrupted.

The two points below should be observed in order to ensure that Tim makes enough wind:

Thanks to a finely variable wind strength, Tim can be adjusted from a gentle breeze to a strong wind. The speed of Tim is steplessly selectable with the rotary control. Turn the knob all the way to get the maximum wind force from Tim.

Tim can be connected to an alternative power source (e.g. a laptop, battery pack, power bank or suchlike) using the USB cable. It is important to make sure that the source provides a supply of 5V/2A in order for Tim to be able to reach his full potential and make wind properly.

Watch the cleaning video for fan Tim in English or read the instructions below. Each time before cleaning, you should disconnect your Tim fan (unplug the mains cable from the socket or disconnect the USB cable from the device). Clean the outside of your Tim with a damp cloth. To clean the fan blades, you should first of all remove the screw on the underside of the fan ring. Now hold the device by the controller at the back. Carefully remove the protection grid from the fan ring. Now you can wipe the fan blades with a damp cloth and then leave them to dry thoroughly. After cleaning, replace the protection grid by inserting it in the holes in the fan ring and tighten the screw.

Video how to clean Tim's fan baldes

Yes, your settings will be saved. If Tim is switched off and then on again, the most recent settings used will be applied.

With older models of Tim, it can seem as if Tim has become a bit unstable. Let us start by saying that that is not the case. If the foot of your Tim starts wobbling, a special washer can be fitted between the foot and the fan ring. We will be happy to provide you with this washer. Please contact our Customer Service department directly at to request a washer and make sure to include your address.

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