Frequently asked questions about Anton

Do not operate Anton with decalcified water out of a decalcification system that uses the principle of an ion exchanger (salt is added to the water). The salt contained in the water may lead to white dust accumulation around the appliance. Therefore, please use distilled water or hyper-filtrated (reverse-osmosis) water for Anton and take out the anticalc cartridge.

Please check your Anton for the following:

Is the float gauge free of dirt and limescale and can it be moved up and down easily (see picture)? The float gauge may be blocked by residual fragrants or limescale. Please clean Anton as per the operating instructions.

Make sure the new anticalc cartridge is immersed in water for at least 24 hours before use (not in the water tank). Should you forget to do so, please do it immediately.

Replace the anticalc cartridge with a new one when it is 3 months old.

Check whether the water can flow from the tank by pressing the valve at the bottom by the tank lid. Water should now flow out. If this is not the case, remove the anticalc cartridge from inside the tank lid and try again. If water now flows, the anticalc cartridge is blocked and needs to be replaced. If this does not rectify the problem either, contact the retailer shop where you purchased Anton and order a new tank lid.

With ultrasonic technology, the water is converted into mist. At the same time, limescale in water is converted into minute particles, which are deposited as a white film on furniture. This is why we recommend to purchase the optional anticalc cartridge for Anton as it reduces the limescale content in the water. If the water is harder than 21 degree dH, this cartridge would have to be replaced very often, in order to prevent the white film. For this reason, we recommend using our evaporator or air cleaner (e.g. Oskar, Oskar big, or Robert) for very hard water.

If the anticalc cartridge is not replaced frequently enough, a white film of limescale is formed from the water. If you notice such a film, the cartridge needs to be replaced. A white film can also originate from water from decalcifying systems. In this case, however, it does not come from limescale but from the salt in the unit. Therefore, please use distilled water or hyper-filtrated (reverse-osmosis) water for Anton.

Should you see droplets (or other signs of dampness) on or around the appliance, this is condensed water from the humidifier. This means that the air can no longer absorb the moisture from the humidifier. Please lower the humidification output so that droplets are no longer visible. The condensation can further be minimised around the appliance by avoiding to position Anton directly on the floor but rather in an elevated position.

To thoroughly clean it, remove the water tank, the mist outlet, the mist chamber and the Water Cube. Now you can clean the ultrasonic membrane with a common household decalcifier diluted with water. Please make sure that the water level on the inside of the device is not higher than 10 mm. If the water level exceeds 10 mm, the electronics may be damaged.
If you are not able to remove all deposits, use a cleaning brush to clean the ultrasonic membrane. Please do not attempt to scratch the membrane clean with a hard item. In the case of tough limescale, we recommend cleaning the device several times in a row. After decalcifying, thoroughly rinse out the bottom part of the device and dry it. The following video shows the correct cleaning of Anton.

For hygienic reasons and to ensure proper operation, we recommend the following cleaning intervals.
Attention: Never immerse the appliance in water (danger of short- circuit).

Daily: Fill the water tank with fresh, cold tap water. If the appliance is not used for several days, empty the water from the water tank. If necessary, clean it with a bit of dish detergent and a clean cloth. Fill fresh water into the water tank, before putting the appliance back into operation.

Every 2 weeks: First remove the water tank, the mist outlet, the mist chamber and the Water Cube™. Then you can clean the ultrasonic membrane with a normal household decalcifier. It is important during this that the level of water inside the unit does not go higher than 10 mm. Should the level of water accidentally exceed 10 mm, contact Stadler Form or a specialist technician immediately. Should not all residues be able to be removed, then you can clean the ultrasonic membrane with the help of the cleaning brush (front or reverse side). Please do not scrape the membrane with a hard object. With persistent calcification, we recommend that you decalcify the unit several times in a row. After decalcifying, rinse the lower part and then dry thoroughly. Clean and decalcify the water tank as well. Then put the water tank, mist outlet, mist chamber and the Water Cube™ back in.

Regularly as required: For external cleaning, rub with a damp cloth and then dry thoroughly.

At the end of the season: Before putting away the appliance at the end of the season, decalcify as described above. Also clean and decalcify the water tank. Then clean it thoroughly inside and out and let all dry completely. Insert a new Water Cube™ in order for your appliance to be ready for the start of the next season.

You can use any common household scents, fragrances, aroma oils or essential oils. We recommend using oils that are as natural as possible without alcohol e.g. pure essential oils from Stadler Form.

We recommend adding 2-3 drops to the water. You can modify this as you wish. With higher dosages, it is important to clean it weekly.

The intensity of the fragrance is influenced by various factors:

  • Type of fragrance (synthetic, natural, ingredients, etc.)
  • Room temperature and relative humidity (the more humid the air, the stronger the fragrance will be)
  • Room size (the smaller the room, the more intensive the fragrance)

In principle, you can increase the intensity of a fragrance by adding a little more fragrance oil. The strength of a fragrance will depend on the fragrance itself. Natural fragrances are often more discreet than synthetic ones and certain ingredients are more dominant than others.

It should also be remembered that first and foremost, the device is a humidifier. Its main focus is to provide humidity in the room and because of that, the intensity of its fragrance will never be as strong as the fragrance from an aroma diffuser.

No, Anton has to be switched on manually after the power supply is interrupted.

The appliance switches off automatically when the water container is empty. Anton will not be damaged when he runs out of water.

Replace the water tank and press the on/off switch. Anton will resume operation after a few seconds.

Before you replace the used anticalc cartridge, it is important to soak the new cartridge in cold tap water 24 hours in advance. When changing the anticalc cartridge, make sure that you don’t throw away the lid of the tank. The following video shows the correct way to change the cartridge:

The used anticalc cartridge has to be disposed of with regular household waste.

Anton operates based on the principle of ultrasonic nebulisation. With this process, a membrane turns the water into tiny droplets which are then blown into the room as mist by a fan before they evaporate. The following video explains how the various humidification systems work and why no mist is visible with evaporator humidifiers (such as e.g. Oskar).

Yes, your settings will be saved. If Anton is switched off and then on again, the most recent settings used will be applied.

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