Frequently asked questions about Eva little

Do not operate Eva little with decalcified water out of a decalcification system that uses the principle of an ion exchanger (salt is added to the water). The salt contained in the water may lead to white dust accumulation around the appliance. Therefore, please use distilled water or hyper-filtrated (reverse-osmosis) water for Eva and take out the anticalc cartridge.

A flashing humidity value means that the desired humidity has been reached and the device has switched off automatically.

The desired humidity can be changed by pressing the “Hygrostat” button several times (35 – 75 % and continuous operation “CO”). The symbol on the display blinks during input. After a few seconds without input, the selected value is saved. The symbol changes to the current measured humidity.

With ultrasonic technology, the water is converted into mist. At the same time, limescale in water is converted into minute particles, which are deposited as a white film on furniture. This is why we use an anticalc cartridge in Eva little as it reduces the limescale content in the water. If the water is harder than 21 degree dH, this cartridge would have to be replaced very often, in order to prevent the white film. For this reason, we recommend using our evaporator or air cleaner (e.g. Oskar, Oskar big, or Robert) for very hard water.

If the anticalc cartridge is not replaced frequently enough, a white film of limescale is formed from the water. If you notice such a film, the cartridge needs to be replaced. A white film can also originate from water from decalcifying systems. In this case, however, it does not come from limescale but from the salt in the unit. Therefore, please use distilled water or hyper-filtrated (reverse-osmosis) water for Eva little.

Run the cleaning mode at least once per month. The appliance must be off for at least 15 minutes prior to internal cleaning! Then remove the water tank, the mist chamber, the silicone cover, the Silver Cube and the fragrance container. Fill a cup with 200 ml of tap water mixed with descaling agent (mix according to the manufacturer’s instructions). Pour the liquid carefully into the water tray by holding the cup directly over the water tray. Do not pour the liquid into the water tray from high above the tray! Be sure that no liquid enters the air inlet opening. This will damage the appliance and will avoid any claim to the warranty.


You can use any common household scents, fragrances, aroma oils or essential oils. We recommend using oils that are as natural as possible without alcohol e.g. pure essential oils from Stadler Form.

No, Eva little has to be switched on manually after the power supply is interrupted.

Please rinse the water base of Eva little with warm water and make sure the ultrasonic membrane are free of any limescale residues. Descale the water base if necessary. Be careful not to spill any water into the air opening of the water base. Fill the water tank and start Eva little again. If she still displays the red light, please remove the anticalc cartridge (positioned on the inside of the water tank, attached to the water tank cap) and let Eva little run for 30 minutes without the cartridge. If Eva little still does not run properly, please get in touch with the retailer you purchased Eva little from to start the repair process.

The appliance switches off automatically when the water container is empty. Eva little will not be damaged when she runs out of water.

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