Accessories for Fred

  • Fred Anti-limescale ball (2 pack)

    • The anti-limescale ball reduces the lime deposition on the heating plate of Fred the humidifier

    • The large surface of the ball’s stainless steel core absorbs a lot oft he accumulated lime particles

    • For proper effectivity, it is recommended to clean the anti-limescale ball on a regular basis

    • The lifetime of the anti-limescale ball is around one year

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  • Cleaner & Descaler

    • Specially developed for cleaning and descaling of humidifiers

    • Cleans hygienically and descales effectively

    • Easy to use, gentle on surfaces and odourless

    • Regular use improves hygiene and extends the life of the humidifier

    • Biodegradable

    • Contents: 500 ml

    • The Swiss Original from Durgol® against limescale

    • More information:

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