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Product reviews about Oskar little

  • Perfect table fan

    Review of Christina on 10.09.2019

    This table fan is amazing. Tim is handy, has a great design and a works even with a battery pack. I have Tim at my office plugged at my computer and he was my savior during the last summer heat. With Tim I am always surrounded by a fresh breeze. Well done!

  • Little and poweful

    Review of Anonym on 25.10.2018

    Very nice design, good product makes of ecological materials for filters and for purification on the water made. Led light can be turn off, pretty good idea for the night. Easy to use. Thank you

  • Prima Box

    Review of Anonym on 24.02.2016

    Schön leise. Optik top. Rauklima wird spürbar verbessert.

  • Très bon produit

    Review of Anonym on 13.11.2015

    Design exceptionnel, fonctionnalités excellentes, bonnes performances d'humidification, facilité d'utilisation: bravo ;) !