Air dehumidifiers

Experts recommend a relative humidity of 40 to 60 % for a pleasant environment at home or work. If the humidity in the room is above 60%, the air is classed as too humid which promotes mould growth and can exacerbate allergy symptoms such as those suffered by asthmatics. An air dehumidifier helps to reduce the humid air in the room to an optimal level, not only preventing mould forming in your home but also allowing asthmatics to breathe more easily.

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Problem: Humid air

The moisture in the air increases when temperatures are high, that is because warm air can absorb more water vapour. A room is regarded as being too humid if the relative humidity value (proportion of water vapour in the air) is permanently above 60%. Such a high level can promote the growth of mould and put both humans and the environment at risk.  If the air humidity is too high, it can pose a risk to allergy sufferers in particular.

How can I measure air humidity?

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If the basement is humid, there is a risk of damage being caused to items stored there. In such conditions, mould can form quite easily and spread quickly, completely ruining items in storage. The same risk is also present in storerooms, summerhouses, hobby rooms, etc.

Whatever the type of room, it is important to be aware and take note of the relative humidity within it. If the value in a room remains above 60% for a long time, it is worth purchasing a dehumidifier. Otherwise the humid air can pose a risk, not least because a high level of humidity can promote the growth of mould.  And that can have serious consequences for health or ruin all your personal possessions.


The solution: Dehumidify the air

What should you do if the air is too humid? Dehumidify it. In the case of a slight seasonal increase, the first thing that you should do is to reduce all sources of humidity (e.g. leave the fan on in the bathroom after a shower, don’t dry laundry indoors, etc.). Then when the temperature falls, you can try to reduce the humidity by ventilating your home properly. If that doesn’t help or if there is a significant increase in humidity, the best solution that you can choose is to buy a dehumidifier. A mobile device is preferable as it can be moved from room to room.

Advice on buying a dehumidifier

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Dehumidify system

How do air dehumidifiers work?

There are various types of air dehumidifiers and they all work in different ways.

Condensation dehumidifier/compressor dehumidifier
A surface in the device is cooled by means of a compressor. The warm humid air is passed across this surface and as a result of this cooling, the excess water vapour in the air is turned into water droplets which remain on the surface and fall into a collecting tank. The warmer and damper the air, the better these devices perform.

Peltier dehumidifier
In the same way as in the compressor dehumidifier, the air is cooled and dehumidified when it passes over a cold surface. As this process is carried out using an electrical Peltier element, this type of dehumidifier is not ideal for whole houses as the level of performance is relatively low.

Adsorption dehumidifier
Water-binding material draws the humid air from the water. The cooler the temperature, the more efficiently these devices perform, making them ideal for use in basements. 

Granulate dehumidifier
A passive device which does not require a power supply. This device is based on the effect of water binding which is achieved by means of special salts. However its level of efficiency is very low, making it unsuitable for homes where the humidity is high.

Benefits of dehumidifiers from Stadler Form

  • All our devices have an integrated hygrostat, enabling the exact desired humidity level to be selected
  • Permanent drainage: water flows directly into the drain via a drainage hose
  • Theo, Albert little and Albert are easy to maintain and clean
  • All devices are mobile (Albert and Albert little even have castors) and can be moved from room to room quite easily

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It’s time to purchase your own air dehumidifier!