Air washers

Air washers are powerful 2-in-1 devices: they are both air purifiers and humidifiers at the same time.

Air purifiers and humidifiers are two completely different devices. While a humidifier humidifies the excessively dry air, the air purifier filters pollutants such as particles, pollen, fine dust, viruses, bacteria and animal hair as well as harmful gases (bad odours, volatile organic compounds and cigarette smoke) from the air. An air washer combines both of these functions.

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The problem: dry and polluted air

A healthy indoor climate is becoming more and more important on account of the increasing amount of time that we are spending at home. According to the WHO, the indoor air is up to 5x more polluted than the air outside.  Regardless of how clean the air is, the relative humidity is also decisive for optimal air quality. If the indoor climate is out of balance, due to heavy pollution and the air being too dry for example, it can have a negative impact on your health. 

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Impact on health

In the case of people who already have a weakened immune system, dry and polluted air can exacerbate disease and allergy symptoms. Regularly spending time in rooms where there is poor quality air can weaken the immune system of people who are supposedly healthy. The reason for this is that dry air also dries out the body – especially the mucous membranes. Pathogens such as bacteria and viruses can settle more easily on dry, irritated mucous membranes, enabling them to penetrate the organism faster. Also, bacteria and viruses remain in the air longer if it is dry. Then there are insufficient water molecules in the air which bind the viruses and bacteria and bring them down to ground level quicker. Spending long or recurring periods of time in rooms with poor quality air can lead to minor complaints such as dry eyes up to a pronounced dry cough and colds. Sometimes poor sleep or a frequent lack of concentration can be an early indication of this.

The level of pollution cannot be measured. However if there is no special ventilation in the room which also cleans the air, it can be assumed that the indoor air is polluted. If a hygrometer measures a relative humidity value of below 40%, it's time to do something about it.




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Solution to combat dry and polluted air

You can purchase a separate device to combat each of these two problems. A humidifier will help with air that is too dry by enriching the air with humidity until the value reaches the recommended range of 40-60% again. An air purifier is recommended for cleaning the air. This will filter bacteria, pollen, fine dust, viruses and animal hair from the air using a filter and then emit the clean air back into the room.

Or you can opt for an air washer which is the perfect combination of humidifier and air purifier. So you only have to buy and look after a single device. So why not kill two birds with one stone?

How an air washer works

Air washer Robert by Stadler Form

Air washers are the perfect 2-in-1 devices for dry and polluted air. The air is drawn in across discs that rotate in water.  In the internal water tank, particles, pollen, fine dust, bacteria, viruses and animal hair are washed from the air. The air absorbs humidity at the same time and then the clean humidified air is emitted back into the room. So the air washer does the job of both its peers: air purifiers and humidifiers.

And that is what makes the air washer a 2-in-1 hero: so you only need one device to solve two problems.  The air washer can also be a true friend and a big help in summer too if you have air-conditioning. Air-conditioning will increasingly dry out the air, transporting more and more bacteria and viruses via the air in the process. They are also often recommended by doctors as they are ideal for allergy sufferers.

Naturally, air washers need to be cleaned regularly as they have a water tank system. However, this is a quick and easy job.

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Air washer George by Stadler Form

Have you met our 2-in-1 heroes George and Robert already?

With his 4 performance settings, George is well-balanced and powerful: he can humidify rooms up to 60 m2/150 m3 and clean the air in rooms up to 49 m2/123 m3. His water tank is dishwasher-safe and his air filter is washable. George can filter 66% of all particles from the air within 30 minutes and reduce unpleasant odours (such as cigarette smoke) by up to 100% within the same period of time.

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Air washer Robert by Stadle Form

Robert is the ideal efficient housemate with a slight penchant for humidification which is a benefit if your air is particularly dry. With four performance settings, he can humidify rooms of up to 80 m2/200 m3 and clean up to 29 m2/72 m3. He has washable air filters, is energy-saving and can also diffuse fragrant oil into the air. Robert can filter up to 50% of all bacteria from the air within 30 minutes and reduce unpleasant odours (such as cigarette smoke) by up to 94% within the same period of time.

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