Aroma diffusers

Fresh air and a pleasantly scented home improve the health of you and your family. Aroma diffusers (also known as air freshener) fill your room with pleasant fragrances quickly and pleasantly. Fragrance dispensers work well, preventing bad smells and creating an atmosphere of well-being. Aromas have different effects and can make you feel relaxed or have an invigorating impact. The aroma diffusers from Stadler Form can be used with natural essential oils at home or in your office to create the mood you want.

Easy to use, with thoughtful features and modern designs, our aroma diffusers stand out from the crowd. Depending on personal preference, they can use ultrasound technology or a direct and discreet technique to emit and distribute fragrances.

Organically produced essential oils are the most effective for producing an optimum and healthy aroma in your room. Stadler Form offers three high-quality aromas mixed just for you. Find more information on our RELAX, REFRESH and REVIVE pure essential oils here.