Smell – feel good – relax

Smells have an effect on us.

Bad smells in the air are unpleasant and can make you feel unwell. There are various sources of odours that we perceive as stench. A smell that one person might not even notice, another person might find repulsive. The nose is a sensitive organ with an extremely individual level of sensitivity which is what makes the world of aromas so diverse and exciting. The scent in the air can also alleviate ailments, ensure that we start the day in high spirits, revive us when our energy dips in the afternoon or help us to relax in the evening. The easiest and most effective way to diffuse essential oils and other fragrances is by using an aroma diffuser.


Symbolic image of lavender fragrance oil


In naturopathy, aromatherapy has been an established tradition for centuries as part of phytotherapy (herbal medicine). While this form of therapy has been somewhat forgotten over the years in some cultures, it is now enjoying increasing popularity. In aromatherapy, natural essential oils are used in various forms for therapeutic purposes. They can be directly ingested, inhaled or applied to the skin (during a massage or by applying them locally or adding them to a bath). One of the most effective methods which can directly stimulate certain areas of the brain and trigger reactions is absorption via the mucous membranes, i.e. by inhaling a fragrance. When used correctly, essential oils can alleviate ailments and improve well-being. Aromatherapy is a holistic concept which is not just about treating symptoms but also about getting to the root of the cause in order to restore the balance between body, mind and soul.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated, volatile plant essences which are mainly extracted from plants by means of steam distillation. Pure essential oils are 100% natural so they do not contain any added cheaper or synthetically produced essences. Their purity is what makes essential oils so precious. It takes large quantities of the raw material to produce one small bottle of oil, depending on the plant in each case. For example, it takes 120–140 grams of lavender flowers to produce 1 gram (approximately 25 drops) of lavender oil and as much as 5 kilos of rose petals to produce approximately 25 drops of rose oil.* Therefore it is important to treat oils with care. Essential oil can be obtained from almost any plant and each one has its own individual effect so that there is an oil to suit every need. It takes a while to learn about the variety, effects and possible applications of the individual essences. Below is an overview of the ten main fragrance oils.


Plant** Effect** Helps with**


mood-enhancing, motivating,
soothing, relaxing

anxiety, depression,


cleansing, motivating,
refreshing, stimulating

poor concentration,


soothing, sensual, aphrodisiac,
elicits euphoria

inability to express or display feelings, nurturing women’s health


balancing, relaxing, protective, soothing,
anti-pruritic, anti-inflammatory

anxiety, irritability,
processing of emotions


relaxing, mood-enhancing,

restlessness, insomnia,
overstimulation, emotional blocks


clarifying, stimulating, grounding,
improves concentration

exhaustion, fatigue, difficulties focusing
and concentrating


invigorating, improves concentration, warming, strengthening, improves circulation

grouchiness in the mornings, clarity, sluggishness, energy blockages


mood-enhancing, centring, inspiring, aphrodisiac, good for the ski

inner restlessness, dissatisfaction, overstimulation

Tea tree

strengthening, reviving, clarifying,
improves concentration

lethargy, insecurity,
listlessness, anxiety


mood-enhancing, improves concentration, invigorating, clarifying, vitalising

fatigue, difficulties concentrating,
lethargy, headaches


Note: Natural products can also cause side effects such as skin irritation and allergic reactions. Care should always be taken when using essential oils – especially for babies and toddlers – and you should always consult a specialist first.


Filling your room with fragrance

Whether they are being used to fill a room with fragrance or as beneficial therapy, aromas in the indoor air trigger reactions in us. That is why this is one of the most popular types of scent diffusion. There are many different products that can be used to fill a room with fragrance – scented sticks, aroma diffusers, scented candles, fragrance lamps with candles, room sprays, fragrance beads, scented sachets, scented wood sticks, plug-in air fresheners, etc. – with aroma diffusers being one of the most effective. With this variant, the fragrance can be emitted into the air quickly and easily, fragrances can easily be changed and you can set the intensity yourself. Aroma diffusers also often serve as decorative objects.

Symbolic image of relaxing
Aroma diffuser Jasmine by Stadler Form

Aroma Diffuser mit Ultraschall Technologie

Aroma Diffuser gibt es mit unterschiedlichen Technologien.
Die häufigste Ausführung ist die Ultraschall Technologie. Eine schwingende Ultraschall Membrane zerteilt das Wasser-Öl-Gemisch in kleinste Tröpfchen. Diese werden als Nebel durch einen Ventilator in die Luft geblasen. Die Stadler Form Aroma Diffusoren Mia, Jasmine und Julia verfügen über diese Art der Technologie.


Mia, Jasmine, Julia, Zoe

Our aroma diffusers are not only ideal for using your favourite fragrance to neutralise unpleasant smells but also for providing specific aromatherapy. Like oils, each device has its own characteristics. We recommend the use of natural essential oils without alcohol for all our devices.

Mia is the smallest. When her water container is full, she can fill the room with fragrance for 10 hours. She is very quiet and discreet in rooms of up to 30m2 and her ultrasound technology produces extra-fine mist which optimally diffuses the fragrant oil in the room.

Jasmine’s design is elegantly simple. In rooms of up to 50m2, she can be left on permanently or operated in interval mode, diffusing her fragrance for 10 minutes and then taking a 20-minute break. When the water container is full, she can run for 24 hours in interval mode. The benefit with this is that the fragrance is consciously perceived again every 20 minutes whereas when she is left on permanently, your nose gets used to the constant fragrance in the room and only perceives it subconsciously.

Julia distributes your desired fragrance in swing mode in rooms up to 50m2. Not only does she smell good, she looks good too. Effectively illuminated, the gentle plume of mist swings 160° from left to right – for between 18 (continuous operation) and up to 54 hours in interval mode. She has the same interval mode as Jasmine (10 minutes of fragrance diffusion followed by a 20-minute break). In order for her not to disturb anyone’s night's sleep, her LEDs can be dimmed or switched off altogether.

Zoe optimally diffuses her aroma in the room and creates an atmospheric ambience. Amber light makes the cool mist – that diffuses the fragrance oil – look like the flame of a candle. Zoe can create an environment with a feel-good atmosphere for up to 10 hours. Her light can be dimmed or switched off altogether at the push of a button. 


Aroma diffuser by Stadler Form


Benefits and drawbacks of the most commonly used aroma diffusers

Aroma diffuser

+ Fragrance oil can be freely selected
+ Efficient fragrance diffusion
+ Adjustable intensity

- Constant power consumption
- Regular cleaning
- Power connection required

Fragrance lamp & 
scented candles

+ Aesthetically pleasing
+ No power required
+ Light if there is a power cut

- Fire hazard

- Soot deposits
- Fragrance burns out

Scented sticks1

+ No power required
+ Aesthetically pleasing (decorative item)
+ Adjustable fragrance intensity

- Daily turning round of sticks
- Can be set as required
- Expensive (sticks)

Fragrance beads

+ Permanent room fragrancing
+ No power required

- Not reusable
- Limited lifetime

Room spray1

+ Use when required
+ Easy to use
+ Can be used anywhere

- Sprays automatically
- Room fragrancing not constant
- Placement

Plug-in air fresheners1

+ Small and inconspicuous
+ Easy to use

- Constant power consumption
- Scent holder made of glass (fragile)



Stadler Form aromas

While we specialise in optimally filling rooms with favourite fragrances, we have also worked with fragrance specialists from Switzerland and developed a small range of 100% natural fragrances. Our fragrances are created using high-quality plant essences in Switzerland and bottled by hand. The oils are sustainably produced and are not tested on animals.

Refresh – a refreshing citrus fragrance to invigorate the senses and create a positive mood.

Revive – refreshing and with a slightly herbal pine fragrance that has a warming effect.

Relax – releases tension, has a calming effect and smells pleasantly of lavender and wood with a light citrus note.

Recharge – invigorating and calming with a woody, tart scent like a Siberian fir.

Relief – alleviates cold symptoms and has a strengthening effect with the smells of eucalyptus and a light, warming woody note.

To our essential oils

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