While summer temperatures are a blessing for some, for others they are a curse. The high temperatures that we get during a heatwave affect us all in different ways. While some people love the heat, others find it unpleasant and it makes them perspire. A fan is the perfect solution for providing gentle cooling and for creating a pleasant indoor climate on hot days, preventing heat from building up.

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When the mercury rises, the indoor air often starts to feel sticky very quickly. In small rooms, bedrooms, offices and loft apartments, it can build up and create a “sweaty”, unpleasant heat, making it difficult to breathe. If you don’t have air-conditioning, there is a solution that can quickly cool you down just as effectively: a fan. There are various types of fans for creating the optimum indoor climate. They all circulate the air indoors and most of them have multiple speed settings. The higher the setting, the stronger the wind they create. That wind has a pleasant cooling effect on your skin which can often provide much-needed relief, enabling you not only to keep a cool head but also to breathe easily again. In our blog post, we have provided some cool tips for particularly hot days in the office that you can also follow at home.

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Classic fans

We use the term ‘classic’ to refer to those widely used fans which have blades behind a grille to circulate the air. They usually have multiple settings so that you can adjust the wind strength to your desired level. Whatever your requirement for cooling, we have a wide range of fan types and designs for you to choose from.

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Fan Otto from Stadler Form


Fan Charly Stand from Stadler Form


Pedestal fans

A pedestal fan is height-adjustable so that it can oscillate and circulate the indoor air at the desired height. Circulating the indoor air while swivelling (oscillating) from side to side not only improves the effective movement of the air but also enhances cooling. A good example of a pedestal fan is our Charly stand.

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Floor-standing fans

Fans of this type sit on the floor and their main task is to deliver powerful performance in creating wind. While some models have a swivel function and some don’t, all our floor-standing fans have adjustable speed settings. Although our Charly floor can swivel from left to right if you want him to while our Q and Otto keep their (fan) heads still, all three floor-standing fans produce a pleasant cooling effect.

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Design fan Q from Stadler Form


Tower fan Peter from Stadler Form

Tower fans

Thanks to their slender stature, tower and column fans take up very little space. They distribute the air evenly and pleasantly throughout the whole room. Most tower fans have a few more technical features than classic fans. Take our Peter, for example, who comes with a remote control. He can produce whatever wind strength you want: from a natural breeze to strong wind.  

Peter can help you sleep better in summer. Find out here how he does it and why he is so good at it.

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3D air circulators

A 3D air circulator is a fan that swings both from left to right and up and down, making it three-dimensional. This combination of horizontal and vertical oscillation ensures that the indoor air is circulated in every direction. This optimum circulation further improves the efficient distribution of the air which has a cooling effect on the skin. Leo is our first 3D air circulator. He takes up very little space and his horizontal swing mode can be set to 60°, 90° or 180° on the device or using the remote control.

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3D air fan Leo from Stadler Form
Table fan Tim from Stadler Form

Table fans

Table fans work on the same principle as classic fans and are ideal for small spaces. They provide selective cooling and are smaller and handier than classic fans, making them ideal for placing on an office desk, bedside table or occasional table in the lounge. Depending on what features they have (some have a USB cable), they can make the ideal travel companion as you can take them with you if you want to. One such fan is our Tim: he is an efficient table fan with a USB connection who can even create a pleasant breeze if you are having a picnic in the open air.

Read on to find out why Tim is so practical

Floor-standing, pedestal, tower and table fans: Stadler Form offers a wide range of fans for you to choose from. From simple through modern to elegant, their unique designs mean that there is a device to suit every room and taste. Our Q is an exclusive fan made from stainless steel and aluminium while our Otto is the only fan with a frame made of real bamboo.

Whether you want a gentle breeze or strong wind, simple or striking, large or small – we can provide the right fan to suit your needs. Take a look at our range:

Fans circulate the warm ambient air. So why do they have a cooling effect? If our body temperature is higher than the ambient temperature, a kind of insulating layer forms on our skin. That layer is blown away by the wind from a fan so that our body heat can be released more efficiently and perspiration on our skin can evaporate quicker. The result: a pleasant cooling effect.