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Powerful !

The little Roger was delivered yesterday. It took less than half an hour to set it up and my living room already smelled "new". At approx. 6 kg, it is easy to handle and can be used in any room...

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Full of atmosphere

Really cool, Sophie the perfect product to set the mood, whether indoors or outdoors. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

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New love

Impressive overall package: great functions, pleasantly quiet in the lower settings and beautiful design. I bought Leo for the office and I'm not so sure I wouldn't want it at home too!

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Airy tales from Stadler Form

Keep your home cool in summer: four simple tips

Summer is just around the corner and hopefully it will bring rising temperatures. Whilst we all look forward to sunny days and warm evenings, the heat often provides a challenge – it can also become unpleasantly hot indoors. Don’t worry! There are simple, proven methods to keep your home cool on even the hottest days.

What can you do to prevent humidity in your basement?

A damp basement is hardly a pleasant place to be. There is a high risk of mould forming if the level of humidity down there is permanently too high. This, along with the humidity itself, can attack, cause damage to and even destroy goods in storage, supplies, furniture and walls. Read on to find out how a basement becomes damp...

10 tips to prevent pollen allergy

From a blocked or runny nose, watering, itchy or swollen eyes, coughing and sneezing to skin rashes and difficulty breathing: allergy sufferers know the symptoms of a pollen allergy all too well. Suffering can last as little as a couple of weeks or at worst go on for as long as six months depending on which grasses, trees or herbs trigger the allergy. Here are a few tips on...


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